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Motorcycle Helmet Giveaway

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As personal injury attorneys who specialize in brain injuries, we understand the potential dangers that come with driving a motorcycle. In Colorado, the risk of accidents involving motorcycles is higher than in many other states, and these accidents can result in serious injuries or even death. Since it’s Motorcycle Awareness Month, we want to stress the importance of being properly equipped for the dangers that the road and weather can bring. Wearing appropriate safety gear, such as helmets and protective clothing, can make a significant difference in preventing injuries in the event of an accident. We are committed to promoting motorcycle safety and encouraging all riders to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and others on the road. 

As you might have learned from last month’s giveaway for Distracted Driving Awareness Month, video footage can be a crucial piece of evidence in the case of an accident. In many cases, it can provide an objective and accurate account of what occurred leading up to and during the accident. Having a motorcycle helmet with a built-in camera can help to establish the sequence of events, identify any contributing factors, and determine fault. Without video evidence, it can often be difficult to prove fault or liability in a motorcycle accident case, and the outcome may come down to a he-said-she-said situation.  

As Denver’s premier brain injury attorneys, we know that unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are a major cause of traumatic brain injuries in the US. More than half of all TBIs from motor vehicle accidents happen in motorcycle crashes, and these injuries can be especially severe due to the lack of protection.  

In efforts to help protect our motorcycle drivers both on the road and in case of an accident, we’re giving away a Sena Momentum Pro helmet 

If you or someone you know has been involved in a motorcycle accident, it is important to seek legal representation from experienced personal injury lawyers who can help you navigate the complex legal process and ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries. At Fuicelli & Lee, we have a proven track record of success in representing victims of motorcycle accidents in Colorado. Our attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients and helping them get the justice they deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation and learn how we can help you in your time of need.  

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Find our giveaway post on social media after giving us a follow, like the post, and tag a friend who rides. Then, fill out the form below! We will reach out to the winner on Wednesday, May 17th, so make sure we’re connected so we can get a hold of you: add us to your email contact list so it doesn’t accidentally get stuck in your spam, add our number to your contacts 303-355-7202. If we’re not able to get a hold of you within 24 hours, we will draw another winner to take your place. We will custom order the helmet in your size to be picked up at our office (1731 Gilpin Street, Denver, CO 80218). 

Thank you for being part of our community at Fuicelli & Lee (foo-sell-y) through! Good luck! 

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