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Spinal cord injuries are serious injuries that can be incredibly dangerous and life-threatening. Many times, spinal cord injuries create debilitating conditions and permanent disabilities that require lifelong medical treatment, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. In worst cases, they lead to complete or partial paralysis or even death.

If you or someone you love has suffered a spinal cord injury because of someone else’s negligence, carelessness, or wrongdoing, you could obtain compensation for your medical expenses and other financial losses. You may also obtain compensation for future medical expenses you may incur as you deal with your spinal cord injury and the adverse effects it has had on your life.

Call Fuicelli & Lee today at (303) 444-4444 to discuss your case for free with an experienced Denver spinal cord injury attorney. We service all of Colorado (and offer virtual case management) and we are ready to fight hard for you to help you secure maximum compensation from those responsible for your spinal cord injury.

Denver spinal cord injury lawyer

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How Our Denver Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys Can Help You

After a spinal cord injury, you may be facing high medical bills, time away from work, and uncertainty about the future of you and your family.  At Fuicelli & Lee we understand your frustration, and we are committed to helping you get the medical care you need and the financial compensation you deserve. Our Denver spinal cord injury lawyers can:

  • Help you obtain medical treatment: Seeking medical care is crucial to both your health and your legal case. At Fuicelli & Lee we know that your case is about more than just a financial award. This is about your life, and your health and rehabilitation are our top priorities.
  • Explain your legal rights and options: We will help you understand your rights and all of your potential options. We will advise you on the best legal strategy to protect your rights and well-being and recover the compensation you deserve.
  • Stand up to insurance companies: Insurers are in the business of making profits, not paying out settlements. We know the tactics used by insurance companies to deny, delay, or devalue legitimate claims. We will work tirelessly to ensure you get the full and fair compensation you deserve.

We are here to provide critical support. Serious accidents and the injuries they cause can be overwhelming. Adjusting to your situation, dealing with your health, managing daily life, and handling the financial aftermath is difficult enough as it is. Trying to research your options and pursuing legal action in addition to your new challenges is more than you should have to handle alone. 

You likely won’t get the best results if you try to tackle your claim on your own. Allow our spinal injury lawyers to serve as your trusted advisors and legal advocates to help you get your life back on track.

Call Fuicelli & Lee today at (303) 444-4444 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. Our personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, so you won’t have to pay us anything upfront to represent you. Also, we only accept a fee if we recover compensation for you.

Understanding Spinal Cord Injuries

      Your spinal cord serves as a nerve superhighway, communicating signals from the brain to much of the body. Your spine comprises 24 individual vertebrae. These vertebrae are hollow, allowing the spinal cord to run the length of your spine. The spinal cord itself is guarded by a watertight sack, called a dura mater, which keeps the cord, nerve endings, and spinal cord fluid secure.

      A spinal cord injury occurs when any part of the neck, back, lower back, vertebrae, connective tissues, or surrounding muscles or nerve cells are damaged. The severity of spinal cord injuries depends on how and where the vertebrae are injured. 

      Complete and Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries

      Physicians classify spinal cord injuries into two categories:

      Complete spinal cord injury is when the nerves have been completely severed. The spinal cord can no longer send and receive signals, and victims lose motor function below the area of injury. Complete spinal cord injuries often result in paralysis.

      Incomplete spinal cord injury means the spinal cord has sustained damage but can still transmit some signals to the brain and other parts of the body.

      If the spine is damaged but not severed, certain functions may be restored through various forms of rehabilitation. However, if the cord is severed or parts of the spine are completely damaged, the consequences of the injury can last a lifetime. Severe spinal cord injuries can result in quadriplegia, paraplegia, entire-body paralysis, or even death.

      You can also sustain injuries to adjacent areas of the spinal cord that can result in serious health complications, such as spinal facet joint injuries, spinal disc injuries, pinched nerves, and nerve damage. 

      Regardless of how severe the damage is, victims of spinal cord injuries commonly require extensive medical care and assistance to accomplish even the simplest tasks. If you have suffered an injury to your spine, contact Fuicelli & Lee today to discuss your case for free with an experienced spinal cord injury attorney.

      Spinal Cord Injury Symptoms

      Spinal cord injuries can create a variety of symptoms, depending on the location and severity of the injury. Some common symptoms of spinal cord injury include:

      • Back pain
      • Numbness, tingling, or loss of sensation in the hands and feet
      • Pressure in the back, neck, or head
      • Unnatural positions in the spine, neck, or head
      • Muscle weakness
      • Problems walking or maintaining balance
      • Loss of coordination
      • Loss of movement
      • Paralysis

      Spinal cord injuries can also affect your bowel and bladder control, leading to incontinence. A spinal cord injury can also affect other bodily functions, such as breathing, digestion, and sexual performance. 

      What are Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries?

      You can suffer a spinal cord injury in any number of ways. Some common causes of spinal cord injuries include:

      • Motor vehicle accidents
      • Slip, trip, or fall accidents
      • Construction and industrial accidents
      • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents
      • Acts of violence, such as gun wounds
      • Sports injuries
      • Surgical errors

      Additionally, certain infections can damage the spine and cause meningitis and other serious health complications. 

      What Kinds of Compensation Can I Receive for a Spinal Cord Injury?

      If you suffered a spinal cord injury because of someone else’s careless or negligent actions, you may recover damages from those responsible through a spinal cord injury claim.

      Colorado law allows accident victims to recover economic and non-economic damages to compensate them for their financial expenses and other losses, including:

      • Medical care and treatment expenses
      • Lost income
      • Loss of future earning capacity
      • Related out-of-pocket expenses
      • Rehabilitation costs
      • Adaptive devices costs
      • Pain and suffering
      • Mental anguish
      • Loss of enjoyment of life
      • Disfigurement

      You may be able to pursue other forms of compensation as well, and the Denver personal injury attorneys at Fuicelli & Lee can review your case and help you determine the types of compensation you can seek. More importantly, our lawyers can help you obtain compensation for any future medical care, therapy, rehabilitation, or accommodations you may need to ensure you get everything to cover your ongoing expenses.

      Contact Our Denver Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

      Your spinal cord injuries affect virtually every aspect of your life, and you shouldn’t have to worry about paying for your medical care and other expenses while also dealing with your physical recovery.

      The spinal cord injury lawyers at Fuicelli & Lee can meet with you virtually or in-person to discuss your legal options free of charge. We have successfully handled many complex injury claims, and we will provide you with compassionate, personalized legal assistance each step of the way.

      We are here to help you pursue compensation after someone else’s careless actions hurt you or someone you love. Contact our law firm today at (303) 444-4444 to request a free consultation and discuss your spinal cord injury case with a skilled lawyer. We service all of Colorado and offer virtual case management.

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