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Here is what some clients have to say about Fuicelli and Lee, PC:

Jake D.

I wanted to take this time to thank Keith Fuicelli for his hard work and also share my story with others who are looking for help.

In September of 2006, I was turning left on a green arrow when a man ran a red light and smashed into my car. For those who have been in an accident you know what a traumatic experience this can be. Although I was sore, I did not feel as if I was seriously injured after the wreck. I decided to see a chiropractor in the hopes the soreness would go away.

After seeing a chiropractor for more than a year, my medical problems were beginning to escalate. I had chronic pain in my back and neck, as well as severe headaches. My hands and arms began to go numb and continued to be numb for almost 2 weeks when I decided to go to a doctor. After explaining my symptoms I was rushed to the hospital. No major issues were found and I was told to see my family physician. After getting an MRI it was determined that I had a bulging disk and was sent to a specialist. Once there I received an epidural injection incorrectly, which did not help, and was told physical therapy was my only option. Meanwhile, I was constantly on the phone talking to the other party’s insurance company, my insurance company, not to mention the medical providers. I began to feel completely overwhelmed and helpless. I was in constant pain, had no money to pay doctor bills, and was getting pressured to close the case from the other insurance company.

I decided to get an attorney, not only to help get some money to help pay for bills, but also to just have someone else handle all the issues and phone calls. Keith’s name had been passed along to me by a friend of a friend. I decided to sit down with Keith to discuss my options. I also met with four other attorneys to compare. I was blown away by the difference in attitude between Keith and the other lawyers. He seemed to have a true passion for getting me what I deserved and stood out with an optimistic point of view towards the outcome. The other lawyers acted like my case was extremely difficult and that I NEEDED them to even stand a chance. I went back into Keith’s office and made one of the best decisions of my life, hire Keith Fuicelli.

After learning of the lack of progress in my pain management, Keith made a recommendation to The Centeno-Schultz Clinic. He mentioned that they are world renowned for what they do and they have been a key factor in my path to recovery. Keith took control of all the chaos surrounding my case. I no longer had this overwhelming stress hovering over me.

Before hiring Keith, I was far from optimistic and at one point told myself that I was going to get nothing from this case. I had almost accepted the fact that I would be funding all of my medical treatment myself, even though Keith remained optimistic. I can still remember the day he called me to say we settled for $90,000……I almost fell over. I actually called him back a second time just to make sure it was not a dream. The high settlement was no accident. I watched how hard Keith worked to get us to that point. Because of Keith’s hard work, I am now in a position to concentrate on fixing my pain with continued treatment.

As you may have read, Keith was hit by a car while jogging and was in the hospital for 2 months. I believe this pushes him to go above and beyond for his clients. I felt like he was working on my case all the time. I was blown away as I continued to get phone calls from Keith on a consistent basis explaining where we stood, what was next, and sometimes just to see how I was doing. Keith was up front with me every step of the way, giving me the truth, good or bad, so I could make the best decisions. He was as much a friend as he was a lawyer throughout the process and for that I will be forever grateful.

Thank you,

Jake D.

Deb C.

I cannot say enough good things about the representation I received from Mr. Keith Fuicelli.

His knowledge and capabilities helped me win my case against a large corporation, but more than that, I found my experience with Mr. Fuicelli to be one of excellence, not disappointment.

Mr. Fuicelli is very accessible which is extremely important just in case you have a question or important information to pass along to him. He stays on top of your case with complete dedication and always updates you with information pertinent to your case.

I sure am glad I had Mr. Fuicelli on my side and not the other side working against me.

Thank you so much again Mr. Fuicelli for all you did for me.

Deb C.

Natasha K.

Thank you Mr. Lee for all you did for me. You have the highest level of professionalism! Your ability to understand the customer and focus only on that client gave me the feeling I was always the most important client at that moment! I would recommend Fuicelli & Lee to my friends and family without hesitation.

Natasha K.

Jacqueline S.

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Other Client Testimonials:

“You treated me like a person, not a client”

“John Lee is an amazing attorney and very supportive. He has a positive and optimistic outlook. John is very upfront, honest and helpful.”

“Keith returned every one of my phone calls immediately and the result was fantastic.”

“It was obvious to my family and me how much John cared, with the representation he gave my son. He always returned my call promptly and kept me informed. He also kept my son informed through everything. John is extremely knowledgeable regarding out laws and gave my son very good advice.”

“John Lee was proactive and persistent. John – you are awesome!”

“John Lee made me feel comfortable”

“Keith was honest, caring and hardworking.”

“I liked that John was very available to us, and provided us with copies of all info pertaining to the case.”

“John has an excellent in-court presence.”

“I was always kept well informed about what was happening in my case. The lines of communication were kept wide open. I chose Fuicelli & Lee because during the initial consultation Mr. Lee was polite, concerned, honest, and confident.”

“I felt very good after meeting with Keith. I knew he would represent my interests and the result proved it.”

“Finally, I felt good after leaving a courtroom.”



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