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Here in Colorado, we have grand, beautiful mountains with vast open spaces that support all kinds of outdoor activities. For many of us, this is part of the attraction to the Font Range, and it is plays a part in the everyday life of so many Coloradans.

Some of the favorite ways to spend time in all of that open space involve various kinds of motorsport vehicles: motorcycles, snowmobiles, jet-skis, ATVs and so on. These activities relieve some of the stress of everyday life, and in many cases help keep us healthy. Unfortunately, like any vehicle, these motorsport vehicles can cause serious injury. If you’ve been injured in a motorsport accident, contact the expert Denver motorsport vehicle accident lawyers at Fuicelli & Lee

Denver motorsport vehicle accident attorney

Safety Tips While Riding Motorsport Vehicles

Staying safe while riding these types of vehicles is of paramount importance. Particularly in the more isolated areas where emergency medical service may be far away, and cell phones may not get service to call for help, it is vital to be aware of safety issues. Many of these types of vehicles are not approved for use on public roads. Never drive a vehicle that is not “street legal” on the street.

Always wear a helmet; the use of a DOT compliant helmet while riding has been shown by numerous studies to improve your chances of avoiding serious injury in the event of a crash. Finally, know your skill level. If someone that you are riding with wants to go faster than you are comfortable with, let them know. Also, keep a safe distance from hazards and other riders.

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If you are injured while riding a motorsport vehicle, speak with a Denver motorsport vehicle accident attorney as soon as possible. The dedicated, experienced Denver personal injury attorneys at Fuicelli & Lee may be able to help you negotiate with insurance companies in order to get the best health care possible, and can help you determine whether negligence in design or manufacture of your equipment may have contributed to your injuries.

Fuicelli & Lee consistently delivers a high level of personal service to each client, and believes in open communication. If we take your case, we will take your calls and meet with you personally when you need it, and fight hard for your rights. For a free consultation, please call (303) 444-4444 today.

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