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Being involved in an accident is a scary and confusing experience. This is particularly true if you are struck by a hit-and-run driver. Hit-and-run accidents can significantly complicate the process of securing compensation for your injuries and other losses.

At Fuicelli & Lee, our qualified Denver car accident lawyers have extensive experience helping hit-and-run accident victims secure the compensation they need when these incidents occur.

What Defines A Hit-And-Run Accident In Colorado?


Hit-and-run accidents in Colorado are defined in state law under both C.R.S § 42-4-1601 and C.R.S § 42-4-1603. The first statute mentioned refers to a failure to stop or return to the scene of an accident and provide information and/or render aid after being directly involved in an incident with an injury or death.

This statute makes it very clear that leaving the scene of an accident constitute a crime.

The second statute on the list defines the duties that a driver has at the scene of an accident that they are involved in. Under C.R.S § 42-4-1603, we can see that any driver involved in an accident that results in property damage, injuries, or death to another person must stop and give the following information to other drivers or occupants of the vehicles involved:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Driver’s license number
  • Vehicle registration number

The driver must also provide reasonable assistance when they are able to do so to any injured person at the scene, including making arrangements to have them transported to a medical facility.

What Can I Do About A Hit-and-run?


If you are injured in an accident caused by a driver who flees the scene, you should not try to go after the driver. You need to call the police and give them any information you remember about the vehicle and the driver involved. It is crucial that you receive medical care for any injuries you have sustained, even if you do not feel much pain.

Securing compensation after a hit-and-run accident can be complicated, particularly if the hit-and-run driver is never located and if they have no insurance. It may be necessary to turn to your own uninsured motorist insurance coverage, if you carry this type of insurance coverage on your policy. Uninsured motorist coverage is not required in Colorado, but it is strongly recommended for situations such as a hit-and-run accident.

If a hit-and-run driver is located and they do have insurance, you will need to file a claim with their insurance carrier to recover the compensation you need. However, if the driver does not have insurance, you may need to file a personal injury lawsuit directly against the at-fault driver. Unfortunately, securing compensation through a judgment in these situations may be difficult, particularly if the at-fault driver does not have much in the way of assets.

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