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August 8, 2022 Uncategorized

Pikes Peak Challenge: Everything You Should Know Before You Go

Fuicelli & Lee is a proud sponsor of the Pikes Peak Challenge; a fundraiser that benefits the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado. It’s an incredible event that consists of four challenges:  The Summit Hike where you hike to the top of Pikes Peak and grab a shuttle back down,  The Barr Camp Hike that...
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July 20, 2022 Firm News, Uncategorized

6 Reasons Why You Should Join Us for the Pikes Peak Challenge

Fuicelli & Lee is Denver’s Personal Injury legal team specializing in seeking justice for traumatic brain injury victims. We understand firsthand the devastating toll that brain injuries can take on a person and we are proud to stand as part of our clients’ support team as they navigate the world after a TBI. At...
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July 18, 2022 Car Accidents

What Should You Never do After a Car Accident?

If you are involved in a vehicle accident, there are various steps that you need to take to recover compensation for your losses. However, there are also various things that you should absolutely never do. Here, we want to discuss what you should not do after a car accident if you want to recover...
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June 28, 2022 Car Accidents

Evidence in Car Accident Cases

The aftermath of a vehicle accident can be chaotic and confusing, particularly when it comes to dealing with insurance carriers. The key to winning a successful insurance claim after sustaining injuries or property damage as a result of another driver’s negligence is evidence. Here, we want to review the main types of evidence that...
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June 17, 2022 Firm News, Uncategorized

F&L’s Favorite Colorado Summer Activities

Summer is here, and we are LOVING it. We asked everybody at Fuicelli & Lee what their favorite Colorado summer activities were, and this is what they said...  At Home Fun in the Sun  Gardening  For those who love to garden, the Colorado sun can be hard on plants so Christi says it’s best...
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June 16, 2022 Uncategorized

7 Summer Road Trip Tips for Staying Awake

Have you ever seen the Netflix series Awake? It’s a game show where the contestants stay up for 24 hours straight before being tasked with challenges - simple to those who would be well-rested - on their journey to win $1 million. One interesting aspect is that the show will educate you as to...
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