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F&L’s Favorite Colorado Summer Activities

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June 17, 2022 Firm News, Uncategorized

Summer is here, and we are LOVING it. We asked everybody at Fuicelli & Lee what their favorite Colorado summer activities were, and this is what they said… 

At Home Fun in the Sun 


For those who love to garden, the Colorado sun can be hard on plants so Christi says it’s best to water them in the morning or evening. Living in an apartment? No sweat- The Spruce has some great insight for how to grow plants in your apartment, and which plants would be best to grow in your space.  


If you don’t live close to your favorite outdoor activities, there’s still plenty to do in and around your home. Even though it’s not Colorado, Indy’s Child Parenting Magazine created a list of 100 family-friendly things to do (some could be done inside, and other ideas outside) at home. Here are some of our favorite ideas: 

  • Outdoor movie night 
  • Tie-dye 
  • Chalk & hopscotch  
  • Yard games like large checkers and mega Jenga 
  • Picnic  


    Camping Tips from the Team 

    Attention camping enthusiasts! We have lots of fun tips for you. Christi says her favorite times to camp are in July and August for warmer weather. Jesse also goes camping often with her family. She recommends always checking Colorado’s Fire Bans & Restrictions before you go, and/or calling the local county Forest Service to double check the fire ban status, and to make sure you are aware of any and all fire restrictions in the area.  

    Speaking of fires, Jesse’s second tip for “car camping” is to bring a portable fire extinguisher and/or a 5-gallon bucket of water as a safety precaution. It’s also important to use your remaining water to completely drown your fire pit before you leave the campsite – even if it looks like it’s out, there could be burning embers at the bottom. “It’s important for the safety of yourself, your neighbors, wildlife, and our beautiful state.” 


    Other Outdoor Activity Tips 

    Whitewater Rafting 

    Even though Colorado is a land-locked state, that doesn’t mean water activities are off the table! In fact, Colorado is famous for its variety of opportunities for whitewater river rafting. The Denver Post has some good trip advice and safety tips from first-timers to seasoned rafters. Christi says the best rapids happen in early June. 


    We had lots of bicycle safety tips in May for National Bicycle Safety Awareness Month, but we didn’t cover riding your bike when there happens to be animals on the road or in your path. To avoid spooking someone’s dog while on a walk, or someone’s horse on a trail, walk your bike past them instead of zooming past them. 

    “I love to ride my horses – if you are riding a bike, please walk your bike when passing a horse. Riding by is a sure way to cause problems. It can scare the horse and cause injuries to horse, rider, and/or biker.” – Christi 


    Since there are plenty of mountains to provide bountiful waterflow, it’s no surprise that Colorado has become widely known for its fly-fishing destinations. FlyLords Magazine even published an article about the some of the best places to go, accompanied by some pro tips. 


    If you follow us on Instagram, you might have seen a post about some summer safety tips- most of them were about hiking and how to stay safe with your furry friend. Fuicelli & Lee are huge animal lovers, so let’s review some safety tips that apply to both you, and your pets: 

    • Don’t hike alone 
    • Drink & bring plenty of water 
    • Prep for the sun- from sunscreen and shade, to hats and other protective gear 
    • Pack plenty of snacks 


      Experience Matters 

      Everybody welcomes words of wisdom and safety tips from those who are experienced in what you’re looking to explore. Every outdoor activity is different from one adventure to the next, just like personal injury claims and accidents. This is why experience matters. Fuicelli & Lee is Colorado’s premier personal injury law firm because of our extensive and diverse experience in personal injury law. If you ever get hurt because of somebody else’s negligence, call (303) 444-4444 today or contact us online to request your free consultation.