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6 Reasons Why You Should Join Us for the Pikes Peak Challenge

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July 20, 2022 Firm News, Uncategorized

Fuicelli & Lee is Denver’s Personal Injury legal team specializing in seeking justice for traumatic brain injury victims. We understand firsthand the devastating toll that brain injuries can take on a person and we are proud to stand as part of our clients’ support team as they navigate the world after a TBI. At Fuicelli & Lee, we don’t only support the clients we represent – we expand our reach and assist brain injury survivors across the state. One of the ways we do this partnering with the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado, a nonprofit organization that offers help and services for brain injury survivors in Colorado. Keith Fuicelli sits on the board of BIAC, and we have had the honor of being a sponsor of the BIAC Pikes Peak Challenge since 2016. Each year, we aim to raise more funds than the year before, which is why this year we want to share 6 reasons why you should join our team: 


1. The Fuicelli & Lee Team makes it a FREE event for you 

When you “Register as a Team Member” and select Fuicelli & Lee from the drop-down list, Fuicelli & Lee will cover your $40 registration and $200 minimum fundraising fee! We are offering this for the first 50 participants to join our team – click here to sign up now! 

2. The Stuff We All Get

Fuicelli & Lee doesn’t want to send you into the wild unprepared or empty-handed. After you register for the event under our team, you can place your order for a free team t-shirt. As part of the first 50 to sign up, you’ll also get a Pikes Peak Pack full of fun S.W.A.G. including a water bottle and snacks for the hike, sunglasses, sunscreen, and more. 

3. The Benefits of Hiking 

Hiking is a great cardio workout with several benefits to both your physical and mental health. Hiking is a weight-bearing exercise to help build bone density and improve your heart health. Hiking a 14er in Colorado tests your endurance as you climb over 14,000’ above sea level.  

Don’t forget all the health benefits from being outside in general, including better sleep! Researcher Kennith Wright at the University of Colorado Boulder proved that hikes in the great outdoors lead to a decrease in anxiety and Doctor of Psychology Jill Suttie argues that Nature Makes You Kinder, Happier, and More Creative. 

4. It’s Wonderfully Inclusive 

The Pikes Peak Challenge has something for everybody! The Manitou Walk is fully accessible for wheelchairs, strollers, and walkers, with handicap parking available at Fields Park. Don’t want to leave the dog at home? Bring them along for the 5k stroll through Manitou Springs! (We do not recommend bringing your furry friends on the Summit Hike, as the trail can be hot and harm paws, not to mention they can disturb the beautiful wildlife that can be seen along the trail.)  

5. Giving Support to the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado

Participating in the Pikes Peak Challenge helps fund some amazing programs and resources BIAC provides to the TBI community. These programs range from recreational to educational, including skill-building support and creative opportunities for both adults and youth with brain injuries.  

6. Last but not least- it’s FUN 

Just look at the photo gallery from previous Pikes Peak Challenge events – do you really want to miss out? 


Make Your Mark 

Fuicelli & Lee is a personal injury law firm representing clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries, such as brain injuries. This firm can empathize with those who have been hurt; take a look at Attorney Keith Fuicelli’s story of personal injury and recovery. His story is one of the main reasons this firm is a proud supporter of the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado. 

We hope you can help make this year’s event extra special and extra impactful to those who benefit from BIAC’s resources and support to the TBI community. Visit their website for more information and join our team to make your mark in this fundraiser.