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Pikes Peak Challenge: Everything You Should Know Before You Go

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August 8, 2022 Uncategorized

Fuicelli & Lee is a proud sponsor of the Pikes Peak Challenge; a fundraiser that benefits the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado. It’s an incredible event that consists of four challenges: 

  • The Summit Hike where you hike to the top of Pikes Peak and grab a shuttle back down, 
  • The Barr Camp Hike that consists of a 13-mile hike that takes you to the Barr Camp and back, 
  • The Manitou Walk that takes you 2 miles around the town of Manitou Springs, and the 
  • The Virtual Challenge. 

We have had the pleasure of sponsoring and attending the Pikes Peak Challenge since 2016, so we thought it would be a good idea to round up all the tips and tricks for everything you should know before you go.  

“If you’re doing the summit – it starts early, so go to bed early & get a good night’s sleep. Pack the night before – include lots of water, snacks, and sunscreen. Get your goody bag from F&L beforehand so you have extra sunscreen, sunglasses, etc. If you’re doing the Manitou Hike, it’s family-friendly you can bring your kids & pets and it starts a little later in the day.” – Jesse McGee, Operation Manager 

“Stop by our booth and say hello! I’ll have some extra water and other supplies if you don’t have one of our Pikes Peak Packs.” – Katie Cizel, Marketing Coordinator 

“Be Prepared – Preparedness equals success on the Summit. Put in the training and read your Hiker’s Manual. You will be glad you did and it will make for a great experience.” – Tina Ziwak, Development Officer & Special Events at the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado 

Other Resources 

For those who have not hiked a fourteener, has an article all about How to Climb Your First Colorado 14er. They have packing tips, other summit hike destinations, and wildlife safety tips.  

Our friends at the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado also have some great tips for how to train for the Pikes Peak Challenge! Some of these tips include: 

  • Building up endurance by riding your bike 
  • Take walks with everything you’ll have in your backpack 
  • Climb stairs 

How To Join Our Team 

Ready to join the Fuicelli & Lee Team for the Pikes Peak Challenge? Please join our team, Fuicelli & Lee, by registering on the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado website. You can choose from any of the four options (Summit Hike, Barr Camp Hike, Manitou Walk, Virtual Participant). Be sure to Register as a Team Member and select Fuicelli & Lee from the drop-down list! Use the promo code Pikes22Peak. 

After you register, put your order in for your team t-shirt! Use this order form to select your size and quantity – you can even choose whether to have the shirt shipped to our office or directly to you! T-shirt orders are due by August 24, 2022. 

See you there!