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What Are the Most Common Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

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September 23, 2023 Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riding brings a unique sense of freedom and thrill: an open road, wind in your hair, and the exhilarating velocity at your command. This pursuit of adrenaline and adventure can come with risks—motorcycle riders are at a much higher danger of severe injury after an accident than car drivers.

A lawyer who understands the most common motorcycle accident injuries and the potential physical, emotional, and financial effects you may encounter post-accident can help you recover compensation for your losses.

A motorcycle collision is not merely about medical terms or statistics; it is about real-world pain, daunting medical bills, and legal battles for rightful compensation. A skilled and experienced motorcycle accident attorney can explain your rights and what compensation you can recover.

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The Prevalence of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are all too common and often end with severe injuries or the death of the motorcyclist. Motorcycle riders get a bad reputation, but the reality is that accidents involving motorcycles often occur because of other drivers’ negligence. You can face many dangers as a motorcyclist traveling on roads shared with other vehicles. Another driver can cause an unexpected collision, leading to painful injuries and significant losses.

Statistics on Motorcycle Accidents

Most Common Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycles represent a relatively small percentage of all vehicles on the road, yet they account for many traffic accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcycles feature in 14 percent of all traffic fatalities, despite composing a small percentage of all registered vehicles.

Almost 6,000 motorcycle riders die each year in traffic accidents. This is a staggering number of deaths considering how few people ride motorcycles.

The High Risk of Injury and Fatality in Motorcycle Accidents

Unlike car drivers, motorcyclists experience complete exposure to the open road, lacking the protective shell and barrier a car or truck provides. This exposure to the elements and external forces puts motorcyclists at a much higher risk of severe injuries or even fatality when an accident occurs. NHTSA estimates motorcyclists are 24 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a crash.

Common Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

You may suffer multiple permanent injuries in a motorcycle accident. These injuries can be painful and may have lasting consequences. In the most serious cases, the injuries can lead to fatality or permanent disability, forever changing your life.

In addition to the physical pain and suffering these injuries cause, you may experience psychological and emotional effects due to trauma and massive financial losses.

Road Rash

This injury is common in motorcycle accidents because of the rider’s exposure to the road surface. Road rash is an abrasion from your skin scraping against the road during a fall. This can lead to severe pain, scarring, and infection without proper treatment. Treatment for road rash is often invasive and traumatic, with severe cases requiring hospitalization and intrusive and painful interventions.

Treatment for road rash can be expensive and may include emergency room visits, hospital stays, and skin grafts, depending on the severity of the injury and the amount of skin involved.

Head and Brain Injuries

Head and brain injuries are common in motorcycle accidents, often due to the force of the collision with another vehicle and the likelihood of a fall to the ground or into nearby objects and vehicles. These injuries may lead to traumatic brain injuries, resulting in short- or long-term cognitive issues and even disability.

The financial costs can reach millions of dollars, from immediate medical care costs to long-term rehabilitation and lost income. Traumatic brain injuries can require lifelong medical support and care.

Bone Fractures

Bone fractures are another common motorcycle accident injury. It is possible to break bones in your arms, legs, ribs, or spine during an accident. Crush injuries are common in motorcycle accidents if the motorcycle falls onto you or you suffer a direct blow. Broken bones may require expensive surgery, physical therapy, and long periods off work.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries (SCIs) are among the most severe injuries you can sustain in a motorcycle accident. They can lead to paralysis, requiring lifetime medical care and assistance, which can be emotionally, mentally, and financially devastating.

If you sustain an SCI, you may face drastic changes in your quality of life and function. Individuals with SCIs may lose much of their independence and must rely on family and medical support for the remainder of their lives.

Biker’s Arm

Biker’s arm is an injury unique to motorcycle accidents due to the nature of these incidents and the rider’s position. You can suffer permanent nerve damage if you reflexively extend an arm to break a fall. This nerve damage can affect your ability to work and carry out daily tasks, leading to ongoing medical expenses and lost income.

The Consequences of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

After facing a motorcycle accident, you may deal with more than physical injuries. The subsequent fallout can negatively affect your personal and professional life, leading to significant emotional distress and financial burden.

Understanding the possible implications can give you the information you need to fight for compensation for all your damages. A motorcycle accident lawyer can determine the full extent of your losses, accounting for current and future effects, before fighting for the maximum compensation available in your case.

Physical Pain and Suffering

Physical injuries from motorcycle accidents can range from minor scrapes and bruises to catastrophic injuries that require lifetime care. The pain and suffering you experience can be intense and prolonged, significantly reducing your quality of life. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may require multiple surgeries, intensive physical therapy, or long-term rehabilitation. Physical pain can remain long after a crash and may become chronic and lifelong.

Emotional and Mental Distress

Beyond the physical pain, you may grapple with significant emotional and mental trauma. This can manifest as fear, anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder. You need a lawyer to quantify a motorcycle accident’s emotional and mental toll because it forms a significant part of the losses for which you may seek compensation.

Financial Burden

Motorcycle accidents often lead to devastating financial burdens and pressures. Beyond the immediate medical costs of emergency medical treatment, you can face ongoing expenses for rehabilitation, therapy, prescriptions, and other medical needs.

Adding to the high medical costs, the loss of income if you cannot work and the potential loss of future earning capacity in the case of severe injuries can put you in dire financial circumstances. The financial consequences of a motorcycle accident are overwhelming for you and your family, adding additional stress to an already traumatizing and difficult situation.

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident is grueling, with ripple effects on every aspect of your life. A motorcycle accident lawyer can gather the evidence necessary to demonstrate the effects of the accident on your life to pursue justice against the parties responsible and seek the compensation you need to manage your recovery and move forward.

The Role of a Lawyer in Motorcycle Accident Cases

Navigating the aftermath of a motorcycle collision is intense and stressful, particularly when dealing with physical and emotional trauma. A skilled motorcycle accident attorney protects your rights and interests during these critical times. Understanding the crucial role of a lawyer as you recover from the wreckage of a motorcycle accident can give you clarity during these uncertain times.

In the wake of an accident, the last thing you need is to deal with insurance companies or try to decipher complex legal jargon and policy terms. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney understands the intricacies of the law and the tactics insurance companies employ when handling motorcycle accident claims.

Your lawyer can help you navigate this complex process, protecting your rights at each stage and preventing insurance companies from taking advantage of you during this vulnerable time.

How a Lawyer Can Help With Your Motorcycle Accident Case

A competent motorcycle accident lawyer can act on your behalf and alleviate some of this stress by taking over the burden of the legal aspects and allowing you to focus on your recovery.

Hire a lawyer immediately after the accident. The sooner you can hire a lawyer to handle your case, the sooner you can have peace of mind knowing that your case is in good hands so you can focus your energy on your healing and well-being.

Negotiating With Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are, ultimately, businesses. This means that they prioritize their financial interests. A lawyer can negotiate with these companies on your behalf, fighting to ensure that you are not left with less than you need.

Pursuing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

If negotiations fail to yield satisfactory results in light of your losses and damages, filing a personal injury lawsuit may be the next best step for your case. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can guide you through this process, assisting with everything from gathering the necessary evidence to presenting a compelling case in court.

Fighting for Fair Compensation

A competent lawyer knows all the damages you can claim, including medical costs, lost income, pain, suffering, and emotional trauma. They can represent your rights to receive fair compensation under the law.

A motorcycle accident lawyer can work toward securing your future and ensuring that you receive adequate compensation for your pain, suffering, and losses. A skilled motorcycle accident attorney can play a pivotal role in providing you with financial security and peace of mind.

Proving Liability in a Motorcycle Accident Case

Liability in a motorcycle accident case is not always straightforward. It is vital, however, to establish who is at fault to ensure proper compensation. A good lawyer can work to prove the liability of an at-fault driver and reveal the negligence or recklessness by the motorists or another party that led to your injuries.

Examples of common causes of motorcycle accidents due to driver negligence:

Other motorists often cause motorcycle accidents. A competent lawyer can thoroughly investigate such negligence and help prove the other party’s fault for your injuries and damages.

Challenges You May Face as a Motorcyclist Dealing With Insurance Companies

Keith Fuicelli, Lawyer for Motorcycle Accident

Keith Fuicelli, Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Insurance companies strive to reduce their liability or deny claims outright. As a motorcyclist, you are at particular risk of an insurer attempting to blame you for the accident. Your motorcycle accident lawyer can counter these tactics to protect your rights and prioritize your interests.

An experienced personal injury attorney knows the law and how to discover and prove liability in a motorcycle accident case. They can gather and analyze all relevant evidence, consult experts if necessary, and build a solid case to hold the negligent parties accountable for the harm you suffered in a motorcycle crash.