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Car Accidents

February 5, 2024 Car Accidents

What to Expect After a Car Accident?

No one is ever truly prepared for a car crash. In fact, even if you were in a car accident before, the aftermath can overwhelm you just as much as if it were your first time. Knowing what to expect after the accident can reduce the stress and make your next steps less confusing....
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January 22, 2024 Car Accidents

Rear-End Collisions in Denver

Rear-end collisions are among some of the most common types of vehicular collisions. In a rear-end accident, a driver collides with the back of the vehicle in front of them. While it may not seem like these accidents can result in much harm, they can cause devastating injuries and property damage. If you’re in...
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January 18, 2024 Car Accidents

What Happens if You Get PTSD After a Car Accident?

Contrary to what you may believe, car accidents don’t just result in physical injury. Collision victims regularly suffer mental and emotional consequences, along with their injuries. Dealing with the mental and physical effects of a car accident can take a toll on your life and well-being. Post-traumatic stress disorder is one of the common...
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January 14, 2024 Car Accidents

What Are the Most Common Distractions While Driving?

At some point or another, every driver engages in distracted driving. Regardless of age or driving skill, it can be difficult to successfully avoid distractions on the road. This is particularly true for overconfident drivers who habitually give in to distractions and engage in risky driving behaviors. In cases of injury resulting from a...
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January 6, 2024 Car Accidents

T-Bone Accidents

Among the many types of vehicular accidents, t-bone accidents are some of the most common. These collisions can cause extensive property damage and injuries to everyone involved, especially victims on the side of the vehicle impacted. If you’ve sustained injuries and losses in a t-bone accident, do not hesitate to seek legal representation from...
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January 2, 2024 Car Accidents, Personal Injury

What are the Most Dangerous Intersections in Denver?

Whether you're a resident of Denver or just a visitor, you know how busy the streets all over the city can get. Denver, Colorado, is a popular city to live and vacation in, meaning the area sees plenty of people and traffic year-round. Car accidents can happen anywhere in Denver. However, certain intersections within...
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