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3 Times Dash Cam Evidence Won a Car Accident Claim

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August 18, 2023 Car Accidents

Pointing fingers in an accident is not a way to win an argument when dash cam video footage is presented as evidence in a car accident case.

In the chaotic aftermath of a motor vehicle accident, finding the truth amid differing accounts can be a complex task. How can we ascertain who was truly at fault? How can we pierce through the haze of confusion and conflicting statements?

Enter the dashcam, a technological tool that is transforming the way we understand and resolve accident claims. With stark clarity and unbiased observation, dashcam footage provides irrefutable evidence that can cut through uncertainty, presenting facts as they unfolded.

In this blog, we will explore three compelling instances where dashcam footage played a pivotal role in unraveling complex accident cases in Colorado.

From common intersection collisions to treacherous highway incidents, these real-life stories highlight the undeniable value of video evidence.

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Using dashcam evidence in Colorado

Can Dash Cam Footage Be Used as Evidence in Colorado?

Not too long ago, one of our clients was driving home when suddenly she was struck by another vehicle. Luckily, her dash cam was recording when the accident happened.

The footage shows our client was stopped for a light. When the light turned green, they began to proceed through the intersection.

A few seconds later you can see their car being pushed into a median. The dashcam footage recorded a distracted driver running a red light and crashing into our client’s driver-side door.

The dashcam footage was key to our negotiations with the liable insurance company.

Highway driving can be treacherous, especially in Eastern Colorado where dust storms can form within minutes making it difficult to see the road and other cars.

When dust storms cause low visibility, it’s vital to your safety to slow down.

Another client was slowing their vehicle due to the conditions of almost zero visibility when they were rear-ended at high speed by the van behind them.

The dashcam video evidence revealed that the van had not slowed down but negligently continued to travel at highway speeds, thus causing the crash.

Unfortunately, there were other reckless drivers on the same highway during the dust storm who also caused accidents.

Dashcam footage from a semi-truck showed another unsafe vehicle crashing into a car, followed by the semi-truck crashing into a U-HAUL trailer and several vehicles in front of it.

A multi-car pile-up with more than one at-fault party causes massive complications with determining liability.

In this case, the other drivers attempted to blame our client for going “too slow” even though they all admitted that the dust storm caused near-zero visibility in their depositions.

The footage from the semi-truck was able to help prove who the liable parties were, and our attorneys were able to get a substantial settlement for our client.

Denver Car Accident Attorneys

Our third mention is not a Fuicelli and Lee case but nonetheless, it is a perfect example of how video evidence can help figure out liability in an accident.

In Lakewood, Colorado, a Tesla equipped with cameras helped solve a hit-and-run mystery in an Olive Garden parking lot.

When Rose Johnson was leaving the restaurant with her family, she noticed that the front end of her car had been demolished.

Luckily two gentlemen leaving the restaurant saw the accident occur. The same two eyewitnesses had their Tesla in the parking lot when the accident occurred.

Teslas have multiple cameras and sensors that monitor the front and rear areas of the car. The eyewitnesses’ Tesla had captured the footage from the hit-and-run wreck in the parking lot.

Fortunately, they were able to download the footage and send it to Ms. Johnson to use as evidence in her case.

Paired with the license plate information, the Tesla video helped the Lakewood Police Department track down the hit-and-run driver.

Officers say the driver was charged with careless driving and leaving the scene of an accident. Thanks to the Tesla footage from the witnesses, justice was served, and Ms. Johnson was able to prove clear liability in the collision.

Dash cams are becoming more common, and many vehicles today have built-in cameras in them.

Across America, cities are utilizing motion-sensing recording technology on streets and intersections. With all these trends taking over, it has become easier to locate footage that proves who was at fault in motor vehicle accidents.

Video evidence can be extremely helpful in proving your accident case to an insurance company, but it is critical to know that most of these cameras have limited storage and are typically purged on a regular basis (30 days or less).

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