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Why Is My Hand Numb?

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December 26, 2018 Firm News

Some common car accident injuries can cause numbness in hands and feet

If you ask yourself “Why is my hand numb?” or notice any unusual symptoms after a car accident, you could have something called a discogenic injury. Most people have never heard that term, but it simply refers to an injury that affects the discs in your spine.

When you walk, run or move, these discs serve as shock absorbers and protect your spine. When a disc has been damaged or moved, it can lead to nerve compression or irritation. That compression can cause numbness, tingling, pain or weakness in hands or feet.

Keith Fuicelli shares more about why you might experience numbness or tingling in the video below:

What is a discogenic injury?

One spine care center describes discogenic pain:

“When the discs compress, the nerves that exit the spine become impinged (pinched nerve) by the lack of space between the vertebrae. When discogenic pain occurs in the neck causing neck pain, the arms and hands can suffer from numbness, shooting pain, tingling, and weakness (radicular pain). Similarly, when the compression occurs in the lower back, the legs are affected by the same types of sciatica symptoms.  The nerve pain can range from intermittent, shooting pains to a constant ache that often resists conservative treatments.”

Common symptoms for this type of disc injury include muscular pain, pain that worsens if you bend or cough, numbness in the hands and shooting pain in the legs. If you suspect you have a discogenic injury after an accident, your first step should be a visit to your doctor for an expert diagnosis. He or she might perform an MRI or other lab test to confirm the diagnosis.

Treatment and medical coverage

Once you have a diagnosis, your next step is to seek treatment, which can range from rest and over-the-counter pain meds to physical therapy or injections at the injury site. Severe cases may require surgery, but those are less common.

If your injury is the result of a car accident in Denver, you should also be aware of who should pay for your medical treatment. Multiple insurance policies may help cover your treatment.

If you have questions about your injury, and next steps after you receive a diagnosis from your doctor, contact us today for a free case evaluation.