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Recreation for People with Brain Injuries

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April 18, 2018 Firm News

In Denver, Craig Hospital offers a variety of programs for people with brain injuries

As we have discussed in previous blogs, quality of life can diminish after an accident and serious injury, such as a brain injury. For people with brain injuries, recreational opportunities can help improve mood, social interactions and more.

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Here in Denver, Craig Hospital provides a leading recreation program for people living with brain injuries. The hospital specializes exclusively in traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury rehabilitation and research, and participants in the recreation programs are current or former Craig patients.

The benefits of post-injury recreation

The hospital has been providing brain and spinal-cord injury patients with therapeutic recreation programs for 40 years. The staff has seen first-hand the impact recreation has on patients:

“Therapeutic recreation is an integral part of the total rehabilitation process. Leisure-time activities help define who we are, give life fullness, and keep us healthy. We have seen patients make dramatic improvement in their rehabilitation program when they rediscover their leisure-time activities.”

According to a 2017 report published in the North Carolina Medical Journal, recreation programs can help people with brain injuries address various challenges, from social isolation to depression:

“Recreational therapy is not just fun and games. The skills learned and strengthened in recreational experiences carry over to other life domains (jobs, support networks, and school). Recreational therapy provides an important service in meeting the needs of persons with brain injuries. The outcomes achieved through satisfying recreation experiences include better jobs, reduced effects of disability, bolstered self-confidence and self-esteem, improved self-determination, friendships, and social supports, and reduced reliance on the health care system.”

In our experience working with people who have experienced a brain injury following an accident, access to these types of resources can make a huge difference in their outlook and quality of life.

Types of programs offered

Patient programs. For current Craig patients, recreation plays a vital role in each person’s rehabilitation plan. Staff will work with each patient to determine his or her interests. In addition, they help patients learn how to enjoy favorite activities with the help of adaptive technology. Learn more.

Outpatient program. The hospital’s outpatient program hosts community outings for current patients. From baseball games to art classes, these outings are designed to help patients with “socialization, communication, organization, planning and overall independence in daily life.” Learn more.

Adventure/alumni programs. Take a look at Craig’s adventure recreation calendar any week of the year, and you will see a huge variety of opportunities for alumni. In the coming months, for example, people can join in on cycling, scuba, small aircraft flying, target shooting, kayaking, sailing, fly fishing and much more. In addition, staff can help connect alumni with activities of interest or create a new program to meet an individual’s needs and interests. Learn more.

Adaptive equipment program. In addition, individuals living with a brain or spinal cord injury can apply for an adaptive equipment scholarship through Craig. Access to the right equipment can help individuals take part in more recreation opportunities. Learn more.

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