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Keith Fuicelli Joins Board of Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado

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September 13, 2018 Firm News

Fuicelli & Lee furthers commitment to brain injury victims as Keith Fuicelli joins board

As Keith Fuicelli joins board of the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado, Fuicelli & Lee, furthers its commitment to brain injury victims.

“Keith is a highly respected personal injury attorney as well as a survivor of a serious TBI. He is also a corporate sponsor and has done the Pikes Peak Challenge,” said BIAC CEO Gavin Attwood in his announcement regarding Fuicelli’s appointment to the organization’s board.

The attorneys at Fuicelli & Lee, have worked with hundreds of people who now live with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) following an accident. The firm has developed a special focus on clients with these types of injuries, and the firm’s attorneys have worked with the BIAC for several years.

“The Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado is one of the most important resources available to brain injury patients. A brain injury can impact nearly every aspect of a person’s life, from work to relationships, and the BIAC connects patients with the tools and support they need to continue to live a full life,” said Keith Fuicelli. “I am truly honored to work with this incredible organization, and I will consider it a privilege to serve on the board.”

Fuicelli has first-hand experience with traumatic brain injury after surviving an accident in May 2007. He was walking across 17th Street on his way home from work when he was struck by a vehicle. His year-long recovery included life support and a two-week stay at Denver Health and treatment at world-renowned Craig Rehabilitation Hospital.

He wrote of the accident:

“I suppose some of the more valuable lessons I learned help me relate and empathize with clients. Most people do not understand how vulnerable and terrifying it is going through a serious accident. Unless you have been through it, it is very difficult to comprehend the worry, self-doubt and frustration that accompany serious injury. I think many people take for granted the ability to work and earn a living for their family until it is taken away. In my case, I was a hair away from not being able to do the job I truly love. Without a doubt, my experience makes me a much better personal injury attorney.”

Fuicelli & Lee participated in the BIAC’s annual fundraiser, the Pikes Peak Challenge, this past Saturday, September 8. As teams climb Pikes Peak, they raise awareness and funds to support the work of the BIAC.

Fuicelli will attend his first BIAC board meeting on September 24.

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