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Halloween Safety Tips

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October 31, 2018 Firm News

Halloween Safety Tips for Ghosts and Goblins of All Ages.

Whether October 31 means taking your kids for tricks and treats, or an adult costume party, we want your inner goblin to have fun and be safe. Here’s our top suggestions for a fun, safe Halloween for all ghosts and ghouls on the prowl this Hallowed Eve:

  • Put your phone away when driving or walking. You’ll want to catch the best costumes and be alert to other motorists and pedestrians.
  • Use the sidewalks! Trick-or-treating kids love to run from house to house, through yards, across streets, but as the sun goes down, it’s difficult to see obstacles and for motorists to see them.
  • Try to cross streets only at crosswalks and designated crossing areas. Remember, it’s dark, and motorists can’t always see you, even if you can see them.
  • Plan to bring a flashlight or glow stick when trick-or-treating. It’ll help you see better, and make you more visible after dark.
  • If you’re planning to drink at all, assign a designated driver ahead of time or plan to call an uber at the end of the night.
  • When driving, be extra alert in residential areas, and drop your speed significantly. You never know who, or what, may dart in front of you on a night light this.
  • When out and about with children, keep kids together and designate meet-up sites if people get separated. It’s hard enough to find lost kids on a dark night, much less when everyone is in disguise!
  • Check your kids candy before letting them dig in. Instances of treat tampering are very rare, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • If you’re hosting party and serving alcohol, remember that some social host liability laws may hold you responsible for your guests behavior, even after they leave your party. So don’t over serve, and prevent underage people from consuming.

Most of all, use common sense. Halloween is a spooky night, but it doesn’t have to be a true horror show. For more ideas on Halloween pedestrian and motorist safety, check out these suggestions from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Have fun out there!