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Fuicelli & Lee Attorneys Discuss 2019 Highlights

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March 4, 2020 Practice News

2019 was an eventful year for the attorneys at Fuicelli & Lee, both in the office and in their personal lives. Keith, Tim, John, Jess and Krislene have shared their highlights below.

What Was Your Most Memorable Case from 2019?

  • Keith: “I had a client who was in an auto accident in 2014 and we have been fighting with the at-fault carrier for years. We finally got to try her case in September; it was years in the making and it felt great to finally represent her in the court room.”
  • Tim: “I got to advocate for a high-school student to avoid expulsion, allowing him to stay in school to continue pursuing a bright future.”
  • John: “Helping a man (and his family) who lost his leg in a motorcycle crash.”
  • Jess: “I took over a case in which our client was rear-ended during a horrible dust storm on I-70. She had slowed significantly due to very poor visibility, but the other drivers around her continued going normal highway speeds, and the drivers behind her eventually caused a horrible pile up. The negligent drivers, speeding too fast for conditions, all tried to blame her (one even sued her) for going too slow. Apparently, they all thought it was reasonable to drive highway speeds while blinded by the dust, not knowing what was in front of them, and they felt that she should’ve done the same. We counter-sued and after depositions of all the drivers, we were able to settle her claims against three of the drivers.”
  • Krislene: “My first personal injury trial with the firm in May 2019 where we secured an excess verdict of $2,183,068.28 on a $250,000 policy.”

What Was Your Biggest Accomplishment in 2019?

  • Keith: “I received two excess verdicts at trial last year. One started with an offer of $175k and a jury awarded her over $1.75 million. In the other case, the insurance company’s highest offer was $750k and the verdict from the jury was over $2 million.”
  • Tim: “Securing a $110,000 settlement on a case where the initial settlement offer from the defendant’s insurance company was $10,000.”
  • John: “Helping a client – a paramedic – who was initially offered $11,000, and whose torn rotator cuff was making it difficult to work. We filed suit and he recovered the limits of the policy, which were $125,000.”
  • Jess: “I had a client who was dropped by another law firm due to a lowball offer of $1,695. I took her case, filed suit and met with her surgeon, who gave a causation opinion. Then I submitted policy limit demands that were accepted, settling her case for $350k.”
  • Krislene: “Securing a $75,000 settlement for a client who was offered $10,000 by the insurance company before she retained us.”

What Was the Best Book You Read in 2019?

  • Keith: “Trial by Human” by Nicholas Rowley
  • Tim: “The Saboteur” by Paul Nix
  • John: “Sycamore Row” by John Grisham. “The thesis was that belief in your client, and hard work on the case, will bring about a successful result for everyone.”
  • Jess: “I focused my reading this year on magazines and articles about health, nutrition, natural medicine, and especially about brain development for my son.”
  • Krislene: “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens. “This book really spoke to me primarily because of my work with victims of abuse. The resiliency of the main character is truly inspiring.”

What Was Your Favorite Place to Visit in 2019?

  • Keith: Vietnam
  • Tim: Peru
  • John: “I went backpacking for 10 days in Northern New Mexico. It was the trip of a lifetime!”
  • Jess: “Maui! I loved it so much, I’m returning this year. It’s simply magical there. #whales”
  • Krislene: Carlsbad, CA

What Are You Looking Forward to Most in 2020?

  • Keith: “Traveling to Rome.”
  • Tim: “I look forward to meeting with, and listening to clients – learning their stories, and helping them fight an incredibly complex system. I also look forward to working with my colleagues as I serve a term as President of the Pueblo County Bar Association.”
  • John: “My wife and I are celebrating 20 years of marriage in 2020. I am most looking forward to getting away with her on a few trips and celebrating our marriage, and all of the good things that have come with it.”
  • Jess: “Looking forward to another great year personally and professionally. The simple things make me the happiest – hikes with my dogs, beautiful Colorado sunsets, playing at the lake, and hanging with my family.”
  • Krislene: “On a personal level, I am grateful for the firm’s commitment to work/life balance which allows me to “be present” with my family. In 2020, we will travel to Nashville and Tampa for hockey tournaments, Portland and Orlando for cheer competitions and Costa Rica for some family R&R. Professionally, I’m excited to serve my existing clients, help new clients and fight the battles that need to be fought.”

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