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National Recognition For Colorado’s Top-ranked Attorneys and Personal Injury Law Firm

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March 2, 2023 Firm News

What are the first steps to finding a good lawyer? Information can be overwhelming when one doesn’t know what to look for. It’s hard to find a lawyer with attributes one generally needs: knowledgeable and experienced, genuinely concerned for your well-being, and well-known for being successful. One way to find some of the top-rated lawyers in Colorado is to see what lists or awards a lawyer has been nominated for.  

As a boutique Colorado law firm, we’re thrilled to have such talent at the firm be recognized by others in the industry. According to, we have attorneys who deserve some time in the spotlight for their hard work and dedication to their clients: Matthew Durkin and Lori Tolle.   

Attorney Matthew Durkin has been awarded the #1 Bench Award in Colorado for obtaining over $11 million for a deserving client in 2021, and Attorney Lori Tolle has been awarded a spot in the Top 50 Bench Awards in the nation for obtaining over $2 million for her client. As we explain a little more about what these rankings mean and how they are awarded, you’ll find many other reasons to celebrate with us. Congratulations, Matthew Durkin and Lori Tolle!  


What Are Bench Awards?

In personal injury law, there are several ways that a case can be resolved, including through a verdict, settlement, or bench trial. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between these three options: 

Verdict: A verdict is the decision made by a jury after a trial. In a personal injury case, the jury hears evidence from both sides and determines whether the defendant is liable for the plaintiff’s injuries and how much compensation the plaintiff should receive. The verdict is typically binding, meaning both parties must abide by the decision unless there are grounds for appeal. 

Settlement: A settlement is an agreement reached between the plaintiff and defendant before or during a trial. In a personal injury case, the defendant may offer a settlement to the plaintiff to avoid the uncertainty and expense of a trial. The settlement amount is negotiated between the parties, and if an agreement is reached, the case is resolved without the need for a trial. Settlements are typically confidential, meaning the details of the agreement are not made public. 

Bench Trial: A bench trial is where the judge hears evidence and decides on the case, rather than a jury. In a personal injury case, the plaintiff and defendant present their cases to the judge, who then decides on whether the defendant is liable for the plaintiff’s injuries and how much compensation the plaintiff should receive. Bench trials are often quicker than jury trials, but the judge’s decision is final and there is no opportunity for a jury to provide a verdict. 

A bench award is when a judge makes a sole determination in the plaintiff’s favor without a jury preset. At, a team extensively researches court records, reviews submissions, and major legal publications to curate a list of top verdicts, settlements, and bench awards from across the nation.  

Fuicelli & Lee held 3 of the top 10 Bench Awards in Colorado in 2021, with Attorneys Matthew Durkin and Lori Tolle obtaining high ranks in several categories.  

To give you some perspective, there are currently over 250 firms that practice personal injury law in Denver alone. 


Fuicelli & Lee Secures 3 of the Top 10 Bench Awards in Colorado

We are so proud of the hard work and recognition our experienced trial attorneys are receiving and are thrilled to share their accomplishments with our community!  

Personal Injury Attorney Matthew Durkin obtained $11.5 million for the Martinez-Briones family in their Wrongful Death lawsuit. This incredible win listed Durkin as the #1 Bench Award in Colorado, with a spot in the Top 10 Personal Injury Bench Awards in the nation. It also earned him the Top 20 Bench Awards across all practice areas in the nation. 

“Knowing I did absolutely everything I could do for that family makes me incredibly thankful for all of my previous experiences. When it comes to being a great trial lawyer, experience is key.” 

Matthew Durkin 


Personal Injury Attorney Lori Tolle obtained over $2 million for her client who was injured in a car accident. This verdict ranked in the Top 10 Bench Awards in Colorado and contributed to Lori’s induction into the Million Dollar and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. This victory for her client was also recognized as being one of the Top 50 Bench Awards across all practice areas in the United States. 

“I am so thrilled for my client! I love knowing I made a life-changing difference for him in his time of need. I am honored to have my work and unique courtroom experience recognized by Top Verdict and the Multimillion Dollar Advocates Forum and I look forward to achieving excellent results for other clients.” 

Lori Tolle 

Lori’s achievements don’t end there. After obtaining over $1 million for another client, Lori Tolle and Keith Fuicelli secured a listing in the Top 10 Bench Awards across all practices in Colorado. 

“Some of the initial offers we get for our clients are just downright insulting. It was a true pleasure to work with Lori on a case like this where we could just keep fighting and advocating for our client.” 

– Keith Fuicelli 


The Fuicelli & Lee Difference 

The experienced trial lawyers at Fuicelli & Lee demand full justice for our clients. We are determined to make a difference – from the emotional investment into our clients’ lives, to the financial compensation we can obtain for them. 

“I had the experience of working with Matthew Durkin and paralegal Akasia Latiff. They were very professional and attentive while working on my case. One of the most impressive qualities about the team was the responsive communication, they always kept me informed throughout my case. I never felt like I had to chase anyone for answers but most importantly the knowledge and experience Matthew is impeccable. I definitely recommend Fuicelli & Lee, PC for all of your personal injury needs not only because they go above and beyond to help obtain what is fair but because of the value they provided to me as a person and as a client.” 

– Louis M., Google Review

“John Lee and Matthew Durkin were an amazing team. They handled my case with professionalism and compassion. Their experience and expertise are hands down the best. Their ability to handle my case and advise me did not disappoint. I’m forever grateful for them and highly recommend.”

– Camille T., Google Review

“I retained Lori Tolle at this law firm. She and the staff at Fuicelli & Lee stayed in contact with me throughout the process of a personal injury claim. Very professional, top-notch legal counsel and I received a settlement that was almost 4 times what I had been expecting! Great people, great law firm.”

– William A., Facebook Review

“I would recommend Fuicelli & Lee to anyone looking for a caring team. I didn’t know what to expect when I first started this process but by the end, I was very impressed with how they handled everything. Lori was especially kind and helpful.”

– Sarah G., Google Review 

Fuicelli & Lee is a nationally recognized personal injury law firm for a reason. We really do care about the health and well-being of our clients and we are honored that our clients choose us to be their advocates both in and out of the courtroom.  


Colorado’s Premiere Trial Lawyers

Fuicelli & Lee is Colorado’s premiere trial lawyers for personal injury law. We have an impressive line-up of award-winning personal injury lawyers who have over 20 years of trial experience, and over 150 5-star Google reviews. If you’re looking for an attorney with a long list of recognitions, rave reviews, and even if you’re looking for a Super Lawyer, you can find the best Colorado lawyers at Fuicelli & Lee. Get to know us before you need us by following us on social media, and signing up for our monthly newsletter! 


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