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May 9, 2022 Uncategorized

At Fuicelli & Lee, we strive to not only protect and fight for your patients’ legal rights, but to ensure that they get the quality medical treatment they need to get back to their pre-accident condition. We are a boutique personal injury law firm with each attorney holding over 20 years of trial experience and our 5-star platinum service ensures that every client gets the attention, dedication, and compensation that they deserve.  

Striving to be a patients’ best advocate, we really are a powerful voice in personal injury law. Even though we specialize in, and have a personal connection to, brain & spinal injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents, we are also extremely well-versed in bad faith insurance claims, wrongful death situations, and slip & fall accidents. 

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At Fuicelli & Lee, we want to provide the best possible experience for our clients. We understand the difficulties that go with physical and psychological trauma after an accident, including PTSD, anxiety while driving, difficulty comprehending complex paperwork, and doctor appointments that fill an already busy schedule. With that in mind, Fuicelli & Lee offers virtual comprehensive case management to clients throughout the state of Colorado. From initial consultation all the way through settlement, our clients do not ever need to step foot in a physical office unless that is their preference. 

Working With Us as a Provider 

We’re on the same team! We want to take the stress of dealing with insurance companies and complicated legal pursuits off your patients’ shoulders so they can focus on their journey to recovery with you.  

What makes us stand out from any other personal injury law firm? Here are just a few points we have realized are not industry standard, but hold true to our firm: 

  • We will not tell you how to care for your patient. This seems obvious to us because we’re not the doctor! We trust your judgment and the treatment program you have created for your patient. We will also keep you updated with any notifications we receive about how they’re progressing in their other treatment plans, if they are seeing multiple providers.
  • We will not ask you to cut your fees. Unless we have to reduce our fees, we will never ask you to lower yours.
  • We believe in clear communication. We will be in close contact with you and/or your team so that we are all on the same page throughout your patient’s treatment plan. We will also keep you informed of all settlement negotiations; this transparency is even included in our Retainer Agreements with our clients!

Provider Testimonials  

Read what providers are saying about us on Alignable! Alignable is a platform created for small business owners to build trusted relationships. This is where medical providers tend to leave testimonials on their experience working with us. From one provider to another, it is a great peer-based platform to learn more about why providers enjoy working with us.  

“Fuicelli & Lee are the exact combination needed to properly represent those that are minimally injured to those that have suffered catastrophic, life-changing injuries all while providing excellent customer service and attention to detail.” – Dr. Brad Poppie, DPT, CLCP, CFCE, CSCS 

Always Learning 

When your patient needs a referral for a lawyer, what are you looking for in a personal injury law firm? Clear communication? Integrity? Organization? At Fuicelli & Lee, we have dedicated ourselves to constantly reviewing and improving our services and processes. 

As a boutique personal injury firm, we limit our docket to ensure we can give each client the attention they deserve. As a provider, you will have direct access to your patient’s attorney and legal team, unlike larger firms that do not have the ability to closely monitor their clients’ medical treatment and communicate with providers. 

“I was hit by a texting driver in Spring of 2018. Shortly thereafter one of the medical professionals treating me provided a referral, at my request, for attorneys they knew of that were reputable… In addition to feeling really cared for personally, the entire team at Fuicelli & Lee did an amazing job preparing my case and ensuring that I knew what to do and was in the loop throughout different processes over the last four years…As a result of their deep authenticity I was also able to operate with complete integrity. I didn’t engage with an attorney to “get paid” as a result of this crash- I just wanted to make sure that I’m able to get the care I need for the injuries I suffered. The team at Fuicelli & Lee were on the same page as me about that, and really did fight to help me get fair compensation to ensure that I’ll be able to take care of myself… All of this is to say that I had an amazing experience working with Fuicelli & Lee, and would highly recommend them to any one…” – Kristina Jean, Google Review 

To learn more about our firm, please contact us at 303-355-7202. 

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Pictured above, a Lunch & Learn opportunity for the F&L team.

If you’d like to come in to present your services to our staff, we would love to have you! We are always looking for recommendations to give to our clients when it comes to their journey back to health.  

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