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May 18, 2022 Uncategorized

What is the Walk to End Epilepsy? 

The Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado & Wyoming was founded by Dr. Harriet Hunter out of her basement with a group of dedicated volunteers in hopes to provide counseling and support to those impacted by epilepsy (like her daughter), while also educating the public about seizure disorders. 

“The Walk to END EPILEPSY inspires individuals, families and friends to take action together in the fight to END EPILEPSY… Sponsors and vendors will help us come together to celebrate and support those living with epilepsy in Colorado.” 

1 in 26 people will be diagnosed with epilepsy in his or her lifetime.  The Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado & Wyoming is the leader in connecting, educating and empowering the more than 65,000 in our area with epilepsy.  The Walk to END EPILEPSY is the largest gathering of the epilepsy community in the region 

“The Walk to END EPILEPSY is my favorite event of the year!  I just love seeing a ‘sea of purple’ at the event.  Families come together to show their support for those living with epilepsy and learn about community resources”– Corrina Madrid, VP of Engagement 

Supporting the Epilepsy Foundation 

You might be wondering, is a personal injury law firm promoting the Walk to End Epilepsy?  Supporting the Epilepsy foundation is not only very important to the firm, but also lies closer with attorney Matthew Durkin. His youngest daughter was born as a stroke victim, and by two years old had developed a seizure disorder. By seven years old, the doctors discovered which part was irritating the rest of her brain, so she had brain surgery and “by pure miracle, that did the trick.” 

When asked about the event itself, he commented,” It’s such a great event to raise money and raise awareness for a disability that I don’t think people think very much about… I can’t say enough how much it means for Fuicelli & Lee to be a sponsor.”

When people sign up for the Walk to End Epilepsy, registrants are given an opportunity to spread the word to start fundraising for their own team. During registration, you will set up a personal fundraising page. You can forward that link to family and friends via email or social media to encourage them to donate.” 

So, if you’re looking for an easy way to contribute, take an empowering walk and check out Durkin’s family fundraiser Facebook page to help them reach their fundraising goal! 

Learning More About Epilepsy 

The Epilepsy Foundation’s website offers an array and abundance of education, resources, and ways to advocate and raise awareness for this specific type of brain injury. As we take a look at their Walk to End Epilepsy fundraiser in Denver, we urge you to get involved by taking an empowering walk with Fuicelli & Lee to help raise awareness and raise funds!  

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