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$7 Million Awarded to Hit-and-Run Victim

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February 13, 2019 Firm News


Following multiple serious injuries, a court awarded $7 million to hit-and-run victim

Fuicelli & Lee represented a hit-and-run victim who sustained multiple serious injuries in a pedestrian accident in Colorado Springs. An El Paso County court awarded $7.19 million to the victim as compensation for her injuries, lost wages and more.

In March 2016, Angela Rodriguez crossed Kiowa Street in Colorado Springs. As she moved through the crosswalk, a black Mercedes Benz traveling approximately 30 miles per hour struck her and knocked her to the ground. The driver then proceeded to run over her, back up, and run over her again before realizing what had happened. A witness reported that the driver seemed to slow for a moment after the impact, but then accelerated and fled the scene.

Angela spent months recovering from her multiple catastrophic injuries, which included:

  • a left arm open fracture
  • dislocated left hip
  • seven rib fractures
  • laceration of liver
  • fractures to her first, second, and fourth lumbar vertebrae
  • displaced bicondylar fracture of the left and right tibia
  • concussion
  • laceration of the muscle, fascia and tendon at the shoulder and upper left arm
  • fracture of the left scapula
  • open left ankle fracture
  • injury of the radial nerve in left arm
  • dislocation of the right acromioclavicular joint
  • right and left knee injuries
  • non-displaced comminuted fracture of the shaft of right fibula

“Reading Angela’s long list of injuries takes your breath away,” said Amanda Francis, the Fuicelli & Lee attorney who tried the case. “We work with clients every day who have one or two of these injuries, which result in dramatic effects on their quality of life and ability to work. In Angela’s case, those effects were amplified to an unimaginable scale.”

Road to recovery

Angela had to take a long leave of absence from her work as a CrossFit studio owner and trainer. During her recovery, she also lost her livelihood from her screen printing business, and she could not compete in CrossFit competitions. Simply crossing the street altered her ability to work, her hobbies and her family life.

Thanks to her strong will and determination, as well as her healthy lifestyle prior to the accident, Angela has made an incredible recovery as you can see in her post-accident CrossFit photos.

Authorities apprehended the Mercedes driver, who had been driving under the influence of alcohol. She pled guilty to Vehicular Assault-DUI; a class 4 felony in El Paso County.

“It was my honor and privilege to work Angela’s case and to help her secure a verdict and award that will help compensate for her tremendous pain and suffering,” said Francis. “We fight hard for clients who have been harmed due to the negligence of others, and it feels good when we can help people restore some quality of life and sense of peace following a senseless accident.”

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