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What Is My Case Worth?

Understanding Financial Compensation in Colorado Personal Injury Cases

The first thing that a lot of people want to know after they have been injured is how much money they can recover in a claim against the party that caused their injury. The short answer is that it is hard to put a number on it up front. There are so many factors involved in putting a number on the value of the claim that it just isn’t possible to answer that question with a dollar value. Each of the three major types of damages that may be available presents its own complications, and the experienced Denver personal injury attorneys at Fuicelli & Lee, PC can help maximize the value of each area.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are compensation for money that you either spent because of the accident, or money that you didn’t earn because of it. Medical bills, whether they are for care that you have already received or for ongoing future care that will predictably be necessary as a result of the accident, would be considered economic damages. Other economic damages might include property damage and lost wages. While these damages seem like simple things that should just be covered, especially if insurance is involved, in many cases the issue of how much medical care is reasonable can become contentious. Insurance companies will fight hard for their bottom lines, trying to pay out as little as possible on claims, and challenging the validity of medical bills. Fuicelli & Lee, PC believe that you should get all the medical care you need to get back to your normal life.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages become a very contentious issue in many personal injury cases. Non-economic damages can include pain and suffering, but can also include other issues such as loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of companionship. These are things that do not have a dollar value attached to them, a certain amount of money won’t change them, and yet holding the negligent party accountable for their actions means ensuring that they take some level of responsibility for the damage that they have caused in the quality of the injured party’s life.

Permanent Impairment and Disfigurement

Unfortunately, many of the people who do seek to file personal injury claims have medical conditions that no amount of care will ever fix. Permanent impairment may take the form of devastating injuries such as a spinal injury leaving its victim in a wheelchair, or a brain injury leaving its victim with a permanent loss of cognitive ability. Disfigurement can have a negative, permanent psychological effect, leaving a person with lowered self-esteem, and in many cases unable to pursue their intended career path. While there is, like in non-economic damages, no set dollar value to this area of damages, clearly if one person’s negligent behavior leaves someone else in a wheelchair for life, they should be held accountable for the damage that they have caused.

The Value of a Denver Personal Injury Attorney

At the heart of the question, “What is my case worth?” is the question as to whether it is worthwhile to hire an attorney. The fact is, filing a personal injury claim is very time-consuming, and requires very precise attention to detail. An experienced Denver personal injury lawyer has the legal expertise, the understanding of the system, and the knowledge of how to explain the issue to a jury, and insurance company, and anyone else involved in the case, to add many times the value of your case. Insurance companies try very hard to intimidate people into accepting a low-ball settlement offer. Fuicelli & Lee will not be intimidated by them. People on juries often come into cases thinking that “pain and suffering” is a way for people to get more money than their injuries are worth. Fuicelli and Lee can explain what non-economic damages really are, why they are appropriate, and why and how much you should get for your injury.

So while an attorney can’t tell you up front how much your case is worth, the Denver personal injury law firm of Fuicelli & Lee, PC can increase the value of your claim by many times, and ensure that you walk away with the ability to leave this accident behind you and go on with your life.  For more information and a FREE CASE EVALUATION contact Fuicelli & Lee, PC today at (303)-.355-7202.



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