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Understanding Jury Trials
Denver Trial Attorneys

When you have been seriously injured in an accident, and you file a personal injury claim, your goal is to get the medical care that you need to return to a normal life, and to be compensated for the costs that you had to bear after your accident. This may include past, present, and future medical costs, property damage, and compensation for issues like permanent impairment and loss of enjoyment of life. The process of getting that compensation can be long and difficult, and may include a jury trial in civil court.

There are many Denver personal injury attorneys that you can go to to seek justice after your accident. You should know, however, that not all attorneys are willing to go to trial. Some lawyers have a goal of settling every case out of court, and will actually farm cases out to other attorneys if they are unable to settle. At the Denver personal injury law firm of Fuicelli & Lee, PC, our goal is not to settle quickly and easily, our goal is to help our clients get justice. The fact is, in many cases, this means taking a case to trial. The attorneys at Fuicelli & Lee are proud to be Denver trial attorneys.

What to Expect in a Civil Jury Trial

Before starting a jury trial, it is important that you understand what will happen, and what you can expect at the trial. While everyone has watched television shows and movies about what goes on in court, none of these programs or movies gives an accurate depiction of what a trial is like. You have to remember that the first goal of any movie is to entertain, and the fact is, what goes on in court is not entertaining. It is, however, incredibly important. When you have been wronged, by taking the person or agency who injured you to court, not only do you seek justice for yourself, but you also protect other people from them by ensuring that the there are consequences to their negligent actions.

There are several things that you should know about civil jury trials. First, while the prosecutor in a criminal trial must prove his or her case beyond a reasonable doubt, the plaintiff in a civil trial is held to a different standard, which is called “a preponderance of the evidence.” Rather than having to prove that something almost certainly happened, like in a criminal trial, the plaintiff must demonstrate that it is more likely that it did happen than that it didn’t. If the plaintiff fell into a hole in the floor at a mechanic’s garage, he or she must demonstrate that it is more likely that the mechanic had a duty to prevent the injury, and could have done so, than not. If a plaintiff is injured in a car accident, and believes that the other driver was negligent, he or she must demonstrate that it is more likely that they were negligent than not.

Once the trial begins, the basic parts of the trial will be familiar to people who have watched courtroom dramas:

  • Jury Selection
  • Opening Statements
  • Presentation of Evidence
  • Closing Statements
  • Jury Deliberation
  • Ruling

The dedicated Denver personal injury lawyers at Fuicelli & Lee, PC have extensive experience and acute legal skills with every step of the trial process. From selecting jurors that can be impartial and unbiased, to explaining to those jurors why you the defendant was wrong, and why you deserve the compensation you are asking for, to poking holes in the evidence of the defense, Fuicelli & Lee has a proven track record of success seeking justice for clients in personal injury claims. For more information and a FREE CONSULTATION, contact Fuicelli & Lee at (303) 355-7202.



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