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Types of Common Car Accidents

Traffic accidents are increasingly common on the nation’s highways, and Colorado’s Front Range is no different. There are over 5 million car accidents annually across the United States. Of these, over 1.5 million result in injury, ranging from minor infractions to severe injury or even death. These incidents occur in a variety of different ways and include all kinds of factors and vehicles. There are four different types of collisions that represent a large portion of automobile accidents across the country.

Rear-End Collisions

One of the most common automobile accidents among drivers is the rear-end collision. These accidents often occur when a driver is following too closely behind the car in front, a driver is not paying enough attention to the car in front or in poor weather conditions such as ice. Because of these, rear-end collisions are most often considered to be the fault of the vehicle in the rear. The driver in the rear needs to provide the car in front with enough space in order to be able to react to unexpected or sudden stops. Rear-end collisions may occur at different speeds; because of this, the heads, necks and bodies of the occupants of the front car can be jolted suddenly resulting in brain or spinal cord injuries. These types of injuries can be extremely detrimental and have long-lasting effects.

Head-On Collisions

Another type of collision that can be just as devastating if not more deadly, is the head-on collision. Hitting another car in the front at top speeds with the front of your car can be a dangerous and life-threatening car accident for the vehicle’s occupants and can even affect other vehicles in the area. One possibility as to how head-on collisions occur is that drivers can lose control of their vehicles due to obstructions in the road. Other issues that may cause frontal collisions are drugs or alcohol, distracted driving, or fatigue. The injuries that may result from head-on collisions are unpredictable but often times range from mild injuries such as abrasions to severe brain injuries.

Side Impact Collisions

There are a couple different types of side impact collisions. The most commonly thought of side impact accident is the t-bone accident, in which one vehicle drives head on into the side of another car. The t-bone is often the result of not yielding the right-of-way at an intersection. The other type of side impact accident is the sideswipe, where one vehicle switches lanes and another vehicle is already in that space going the same direction. The sideswipe accident is more often then not the result of a driver not checking his or her blind spot correctly and failing to be sure that there is enough room before changing lanes.

Both of these side impact collisions can leave the vehicle’s occupants with devastating injuries. T-bone accidents can potentially leave brain and spinal injuries due to the force and angle with which the body is struck. Long-lasting effects such as brain damage may be the result of these injuries. Sideswipe accidents may result in a car swerving uncontrollably and over correcting which has the potential to become a devastating rollover.

Rollover Accident

When a driver is forced off the road, the potential for a rollover accident vastly increases. A rollover accident consists of a vehicle spinning off of its wheels. In most cases, rollovers are single-vehicle accidents but they can also occur as a result of a collision with another vehicle. The injuries that result from the rollover accident can include brain and neck injuries because of the unpredictable motions the body is put through while the vehicle is rolling. Seat belts are often important in these accidents and often times are the key difference between minor and more serious injuries.


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