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Car Accident FAQs

longmont auto injury lawyers

We answer some of our most frequently asked personal injury questions below. However, no two car accidents cases are exactly the same. If you don’t see your question, do not hesitate to contact our Longmont office.

Our attorneys would be happy to provide you and your family a free case consultation. In most cases we can return your call within 24-hours! Call 720-494-0444 today.

Q: Who pays for expenses and damages after a car accident?

A: After an accident in Longmont, the person who is responsible for the accident is also responsible for the injuries sustained, as well as property damage. Yet often times after an accident, it is difficult to determine clearly who is truly to blame. An experienced Longmont car accident attorney can help establish clear liability and protect you from being “lowballed” by the insurance company.

Q: Should I accept a settlement with an insurance company?

A: NO. It is important to refrain from accepting any settlement with the insurance company without first speaking with an experienced car accident lawyer. Insurance companies are in a business to make money and they do so by offering the lowest possible compensation to accident victims. A lawyer can help determine if the settlement is adequate to cover all of your expenses, both now and in the future. Sadly, without a lawyer on your side, insurance companies often resort to the “take it or leave it” strategy when negotiating with accident victims. Studies show that injured accident victims often recover 40% more by simply hiring an attorney to represent them.

Q: What types of damages can I recover after a car accident?

A: You can collect both economic and non-economic damages after a car accident. Examples include medical expenses, rehabilitation, lost wages, loss of future earnings, loss of consortium, pain and suffering, and long-term care expenses. An experienced Longmont car accident attorney can help ensure that you receive the maximum compensation to which you are entitled and that you have the money you need to fully recover.

Q: What happens in a car accident with an uninsured driver?

A: Unfortunately, if you are injured in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver, you will need to turn to your own insurance policy for help. You can collect money from your UM/UIM policy within your policy limits. Unfortunately, many insurance companies delay or deny their own policyholders’ claims—even when they’re legitimate. When this occurs, an experienced Longmont car accident lawyer can help negotiate with the insurance company and ensure that you receive the money you need to recover.

Q: Should I see a doctor after a car accident?

A: YES! Even if you do not believe that you are injured, it is important to be examined by a medical professional. An MRI may be needed to detect some injuries, such as soft tissue injuries and back injuries. Other injuries can take days and even weeks to become fully known. A doctor’s examination findings and medical tests can also help your lawyer when negotiating with the insurance company. Your injuries—even if minor—should be reported and filed in your claim so that you can receive the maximum compensation.

Q: Can I be reimbursed for time I missed from work?

A: Absolutely! Time that is lost from work due to your injuries or the car accident should be taken into consideration when filing a claim. You may also be entitled to the loss of future earnings, especially if your injuries are severe or your recovery is prolonged. You will need to provide your attorney with documentation from your employer including pay stubs and days absent from work. Your attorney will then be able to ensure that the time you missed from work is reimbursed to you, so you don’t have to use your sick time, vacation time, or other job benefits.

Contact a Longmont Car Accident Attorney Today

If you have suffered injuries in a car accident in Longmont, Denver or elsewhere in the state of Colorado, it is important that you contact an experienced and qualified Longmont car accident attorney immediately.

For a free initial consultation with Fuicelli & Lee, PC, send us an e-mail or call (720) 494-0444. You pay nothing unless you receive a financial settlement or award. It is simply the mission of every Longmont auto accident attorney on the Fuicelli & Lee team to provide the best service possible.



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