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Head on Auto Collisions in Colorado

No one wants to be in a car accident, and no car accident is safe; there is always the possibility of injury in every crash. Unfortunately, with millions of car crashes happening annually in the U.S. there is a good chance that each of us will be in one at some time. One of the most dangerous types of car crash is the frontal or head-on collision. With two vehicles colliding while traveling in opposite directions, there can be extreme forces acting on both the vehicles, and the bodies of the people inside. In fact, one thing that can make head-on collisions so dangerous is the potential for one or both vehicles to spin off in a totally different direction, causing possible damage and injury outside of the two vehicles directly involved.

The most common direct cause of frontal collisions is probably one car drifting across the center line of a road into oncoming traffic. There are several things that frequently cause this, including:

  • Sleepiness or fatigue
  • Passing another vehicle despite limited visibility
  • Loss of control while trying to avoid a highway obstruction, including animals in the road
  • Driver distraction, including the use of hand-held devices
  • Drugs or alcohol

The impact on the body, including the head and spine can be so severe that many kinds of injuries can occur. Injuries may be as mild as abrasions from seat belts, or as severe as traumatic brain injury or spinal fractures. It is a sad fact that many head-on collisions in fact result in fatality, particularly in cases in which the vehicles are moving at highway speed. In any case, the nature and severity of injuries in head-on collisions are nearly impossible to predict. This is one of the reasons why people who have been in frontal collisions should speak with an experienced Denver car accident attorney to discuss your options.

In many cases, it is relatively clear who was at fault in a frontal collision, and in many cases they do involve negligence. If you have been involved in a head-on collision, contact a Denver auto accident attorney as soon as possible. A car accident lawyer will discuss your options with you, which may include negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf, helping to file disability claims, or taking legal action against negligent parties.

The attorneys at Fuicelli and Lee, PC understand that their clients need a high level of personal service, and dedication to their causes. When you call Fuicelli and Lee, PC, you will speak with the attorney handling your case, who will also meet with you personally, not just for your FREE CONSULTATION, but while your case is in progress as well. The Law Firm of Fuicelli and Lee is committed to providing aggressive representation with integrity to all clients. For more information, contact Fuicelli and Lee, PC at (303) 355-7202.



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