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Denver Trucking Accident Attorney FAQ

Q: What is a Commercial Truck?
A: Commercial trucks are also known as “big rigs,” and “18-wheelers,” and are used for the transport of commercial goods or in the course of business. Commercial trucks serve a specific purpose and require a commercial driver’s license to operate. Examples of commercial trucks are tractor-trailers, tanker trucks, dump trucks, cement trucks, delivery trucks and other large freight trucks.

Q: Why are Truck Accidents More Likely to Cause Serious Injury?
A: A fully loaded, large commercial truck can weigh more than 80,000 pounds, while an average passenger car weighs about 3,500 pounds. Because of this tremendous size disparity, a collision between a large commercial truck and a much smaller automobile is likely to result in serious injury or fatalities to those in the smaller vehicle.

Q: Do Trucking Companies Always Fully Screen Employees?
A: While we would like to believe that every truck driver has been fully screened and properly trained, in fact this is not always the case. Rules and regulations tend to slide when trucking companies are in need of employees. Past accidents on the driver’s part or even a past DUI may be intentionally overlooked, or the employee may not have sufficient training before being sent out on the road.

Q: Why are Trucking Accidents More Difficult to Litigate?
A: The primary reason trucking accidents are much more difficult to litigate is because there can be any number of defendants in the case. The truck driver may have been at fault, the trucking company may share in that fault, the truck manufacturer may be liable for a defective truck part, the loading company may be liable if the cargo was improperly secured, or the maintenance company may be liable if the truck was not properly maintained. There may be a single defendant in a trucking accident or many defendants, making the case more complex. Establishing liability of the trucking company can be problematic when the driver is an independent contractor for the company, in which case the issue comes down to the amount of supervision exercised by the company.

Q: Do I Need an Attorney for My Trucking Accident?
A: The investigation into the cause of your trucking accident can be extremely complicated. The driver’s log books must be looked at to determine whether they were properly kept and whether the driver was within his or her allotted hours when the accident occurred. A subpoena must be issued for the black box information, safety inspections and regular maintenance must be shown, and in many cases expert witnesses must be brought in to analyze the information for potential testimony regarding liability. Many people involved in a trucking accident sustain serious injuries which can take months, or even years, to recover from. For all these reasons, having an experienced truck accident attorney by your side to advocate for you and fight for your rights can make all the difference following your accident.

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If you or someone you love has been injured in a catastrophic trucking accident in Denver, Longmont, or anywhere in the State of Colorado, you need an experienced trucking accident attorney on your side. Contact the law firm of Fuicelli & Lee, PC, for a free case evaluation. You pay nothing unless you receive a financial settlement or award. Call our office at 303-355-7202 or fill out our confidential contact form online.



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