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Causes of Longmont Trucking Accidents

Contact a Longmont Trucking Accident AttorneyAcross the nation a fatality or serious injury occurs every sixteen minutes from an accident involving a large commercial truck. Large 18-wheelers can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds—25-30 times the weight of a normal passenger vehicle. A large truck can take 525 feet at a speed of 65 mph to come to a complete stop—under ideal conditions. This is almost the length of two football fields, and explains why large 18-wheelers must be especially conscious of their obligation to protect the safety of other drivers.

There are a number of factors associated with trucking accidents, particularly trucker fatigue. The trucking industry is highly competitive, and, because of this, truckers may drive hours beyond those allowed by federal regulations. Truckers only get paid when they are on the road, and trucking companies may turn a blind eye to employees driving more than the allowable number of hours. After all, the faster the turnaround for the load, the better the financial bottom line at the end of the year. Federal laws mandate ten hours of rest following a 14-hour day of driving—and only 11 of those fourteen hours may be driven continuously. Unfortunately, many drivers keep two sets of log books, and there simply are not enough Department of Transportation personnel to ensure the rules are being complied with.

Other Factors Which Play a Part in Trucking Accidents

Factors, other than fatigue, which may contribute to commercial truck accidents include:

  • Driver error/driver distraction—Truck drivers are subject to the same distractions and poor driving behaviors as the rest of us. Truck drivers may regularly eat while driving, adjust the radio station, talk on their cell phone, attempt to read a map, set the GPS, drive too fast for the road conditions, drive aggressively or drive while fatigued.
  • Poorly secured cargo—By its very nature, a loaded truck can be top heavy or have a center of gravity, which can shift suddenly. In one instance, a load of phone books, which had not been properly secured, slid off a tractor-trailer in the middle of busy rush-hour traffic, causing multiple collisions. Truckers who transport liquids in a tanker truck must also be aware of the tendency of the liquids to “slosh” back and forth, building up sufficient momentum to cause an accident. Many truckers haul hazardous cargo, making it that much more important that all cargo be properly secured.
  • Brake or tire failure—The heavy loads hauled by commercial trucks can place a huge burden on the truck’s braking system, and inexperienced drivers may not have the necessary skills or knowledge to apply the truck brakes properly on a steep downhill road. Tires on a large commercial truck are subjected to heavy loads and many miles. Both brakes and tires must be maintained properly or can be responsible for serious accidents.
  • Inexperienced truck drivers—While we all want to believe there are no truck drivers on the road who have not been thoroughly trained, in fact there are a considerable number of truckers who really don’t have the training and experience necessary to be driving in the situations they are placed in. Trucking companies may skip necessary steps in order to get drivers on the road quickly and make more money. Some unscrupulous companies may even hire without a background check, putting drivers with a past history of DUI, negligent driving or reckless driving back on the roadways.

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Longmont Trucking Accident Attorney Jess Cash

Longmont Car Accident Attorney Jess Cash

If you have suffered injuries in a trucking accident in Longmont, Denver or elsewhere in the state of Colorado, it is important that you contact an experienced and qualified Longmont truck accident attorney immediately.

For a free initial consultation with Fuicelli & Lee, PC, send us an e-mail or call (303) 355-7202. You pay nothing unless you receive a financial settlement or award. It is simply the mission of every Longmont trucking accident attorney on the Fuicelli & Lee team to provide the best service possible.



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