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Accident Burn Injury
Longmont Personal Injury Attorneys

Car engulfed by flamesMore than 450,000 Americans receive medical treatment for a burn of some type in an emergency room, doctor’s office, urgent care facility or clinic each year. While most of those burn injuries occur in the home (68 percent), between 7-15 percent of burns are the result of an automobile accident. Of the 3,400 annual deaths associated with burn injuries, 300 are from a vehicle crash fire. Fires which result from car crashes are extremely dangerous, with the additional risk of an explosion.

Lives Forever Changed by Automobile Collision Fires

The serious burns sustained from a car fire can alter the life of the victim forever. Many of those with such serious burn injuries can require weeks, months, or even years of hospitalizations, multiple reconstructive surgical procedures and extensive rehabilitation. The burn victim can experience chronic, excruciating pain and may also have to deal with the emotional trauma of disfigurement caused by permanent scarring from burns. Additionally, respiratory distress, electrolyte imbalances and infection can result from serious automobile burn injuries.

Complications Associated with Serious Burn Injuries

Burn injuries from an automobile crash can cause deep psychological impact as well; disfigurement can result in hurtful reactions from others and victim depression and isolation. Infection is the most common physical complication of a serious burn injury, however, a compromised immune system, adrenal insufficiency and the development of cancer at the burn site are also potential complications of serious burn injuries.

Burned areas which can be saved may be surgically removed, then replaced with skin grafts from parts of the body which did not suffer burn injuries. Despite the fact medical technologies for treating burn victims has significantly advanced over the past few decades, many people who survive serious burn injuries from a car accident can still suffer lifelong disabilities. Add to that the fact that the cost of treating a burn victim can exceed $10,000 per day, and a person who suffers an auto accident burn injury can face physical, emotional, social and financial trauma at every turn.

Burn Accident Victims Need Experienced Legal Representation

Burn injuries can require years of hospitalizations, therapy, and extensive reconstructive surgery. Even once that is complete, a burn victim may never truly be themselves again. As such, they need an experienced lawyer on their side from the start to help them through the difficult legal process. Without an attorney, insurance companies may try to offer you a quick and easy settlement that will likely NOT cover all your future medical expenses. An attorney can help you obtain the money you need to fully recover and provide for your family during this difficult time.

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Longmont Personal Injury Attorney Jess Cash of Fuicelli & LeeIf you have been injured in a car accident or any accident, an experienced Longmont personal injury attorney at Fuicelli & Lee can help. Contact the law firm of Fuicelli & Lee, PC, for a free case evaluation. You pay nothing unless you receive a financial settlement or award. Call our office at 303-355-7202 or fill out our confidential contact form.








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