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Xcel Energy Lawsuit Dismissed

xcel logoCBS Denver reports on a lawsuit that has been dismissed by the Colorado Court of Appeals over the deaths of several workers at a power plant in 2007. The workers died when a fire broke out at an Xcel Energy plant. Their families believed that the company failed to take appropriate measures to protect workers. The Court of Appeals, however, found no evidence that the company violated duties that hey had to their employees, or that they failed to warn workers of the danger that the job entailed. This finding was in agreement with a previous judge. In the dismissed Xcel Energy lawsuit, the company was also cleared of any criminal charges, and has paid some compensation to the families of the deceased.

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This case brings up a number of questions about civil lawsuits in an age when many people are speaking loudly about tort reform. Notably, what things have to happen in order to have a successful civil action. And are so-called “frivolous lawsuits” really a problem? The appellate court spoke of the employers duty to its employees, and its warning of the dangers. One of the things that you must demonstrate in a civil complaint, is that the defendant had a duty to protect you, and that it failed in that duty. In this case, while the employer clearly had a duty to try to protect employees in a dangerous job, the courts ruled that they did not fail in that duty, and so the case has been dismissed. What tort reform advocates don’t like to admit is that dismissals are in fact the norm where there is no standing to file civil claims.

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