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Who Causes More Car Accidents, Teen Drivers or Senior Drivers?

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Who causes more car accidents, teens or seniors? Although many people grumble about senior drivers, in truth we have little to complain about from them and should possibly worry more about the teenager behind the wheel. Teenagers, most especially teenage boys, tend to have an excess of confidence in skills they have yet to acquire, which may be a contributing factor in their incidence of fatal automobile crashes. In fact, while less than one percent of people over the age of 65 die in an automobile accident, car crashes are currently the primary cause of death in young men and women between the ages of 15 and 20. For all the parents who are worried about their teenage driver as they send them off in the family car—they have reason to be—and less reason to worry about grandma or grandpa’s driving habits.

Why Seniors Are the Better Drivers

Although senior citizens may have their issues—including less than perfect eyesight, hearing and reflexes—they also bring much more experience to the roadways. It’s true that in certain situations, typical senior driving behaviors can be detrimental. This is perhaps most true when seniors drive at speeds lower than those posted—in the left-hand lane. Our high-pressure, fast-paced world does not deal well with a pokey driver. When the drivers surrounding a senior driving below the speed limit are in a hurry to get to work or get their errands run, the consequences can be disastrous once impatience and rage set in.

Seniors are most always more focused on their driving than teen however they may become a little too focused on one particular issue. The senior driver’s focus may be so squarely on the stop sign in front of him or her that they neglect to pay equal attention to other roadway hazards. All in all, older drivers tend to be very aware of their limitations and will curtail their driving as their abilities decrease, and when they are involved in an accident it is generally not a serious one. Older drivers who are worried about their driving abilities might consider taking a Mature Driver Improvement Course to ensure they are able to continue to drive safely and defensively.

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Teens—the Worst Drivers on the Road

Young drivers make up approximately six percent of the total licensed driving population, however over fourteen percent of those drivers involved in a fatal car accident are young drivers. Not only do young drivers lack the experience and wisdom that time behind the wheel bring they also lack a healthy dose of fear. In spite of the many driving programs across the nation which require teenagers to wait longer for their driver’s license as well as graduated licensing for teens, there have been few positive changes in teen deaths from auto accidents.

In fact, car collisions are responsible for over forty percent of all teen deaths, making auto accidents the primary cause of teen death in America. Teens tend to drive at higher rates of speeds not to mention having the distraction of an entire carload of other teens riding along with them. Teenage drivers are also more likely to text and drive or to use their cell phones while behind the wheel than the rest of the driving population. Finally, the poor impulse control experienced by the majority of teenage drivers can lead them to drink and drive, leading to a higher likelihood of serious or fatal accidents.

If you have been the victim of a car accident as a result of a teen driver—or any other driver—you need the kind of help that you can only receive from an experienced personal injury attorney. Having someone in your corner for support, compassion and knowledgeable legal help can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

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