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Where Are You Most Likely to Have an Automobile Accident?

Time lapse city traffic at twilight | Where Are You Most Likely to Have an Automobile AccidentWhere are you most likely to have an automobile accident? Well, the majority of car collisions occur close to home, with only approximately one percent happening more than fifty miles from home. Of course this statistic makes more sense when you remember that most of our driving takes place close to our home. We go to work, we take the children to school, we go to the grocery store, to church, to the movies and to visit our friends, and all of these driving trips are generally within a few miles of our home. This means that of the more than six million car accidents which occur every year in the United States, less than 60,000 of those happen more than fifty miles from home.

Driver Behaviors Responsible for Accidents

Most accidents could be avoided if drivers behaved in a more responsible manner. In 2012, more than a third of all accident fatalities were attributable to drinking while driving, another third were the result of drivers exceeding the speed limit, and the final third were due to reckless and/or distracted driving.  Even with all the information on seat belt safety, as well as the current seat belt laws, almost half of those killed in car accidents in 2015 were not wearing their safety belt at the time of the accident. Distracted driving is a huge contributor in car accidents, with distractions falling under cell phone use, talking to passengers, eating or drinking or playing with the radio.

Places Auto Accidents Occur Most

Residential neighborhoods tend to be an area where auto accidents happen. Although you would assume that a residential neighborhood would be quiet, with few problems, drivers must be alert and aware that there are reduced speed limits as well as children playing in the streets. Parked cars can be a hazard to drivers as well as pedestrians who can come out of nowhere.

Parking lots are another common place for accidents to occur. It’s easy to get distracted when backing out of a parking space and find yourself colliding with a vehicle which could be traveling much too fast for the situation. You must pay extra-special attention to pedestrians and parked cars in order to avoid a potentially serious accident. Many accidents occur in construction zones, especially when drivers do not heed reduced speed limits.

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Most Dangerous Cities for Accidents

In 2015, Detroit, Michigan received the dubious honor of being the most dangerous city for drivers, followed by Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Baltimore, Maryland, Springfield, MA, and San Bernardino, California. Overall, as you might expect, larger cities tend to be more dangerous for drivers; the average population of the twenty safest cities is 208,944, compared to an average of 488,710 for the twenty most dangerous cities to drive in. That being said, the nation’s largest city, New York City, is considered the 34th safest city for drivers.  Thirteen out of the twenty most dangerous cities for drivers are located either in the South, or on the East Coast, while twelve of the twenty safest places are located in the West and the Midwest. Three of the twenty safest places for drivers are located in the state of Arizona. Auto insurance rates are 47 percent more expensive in the cities considered among the most dangerous for drivers.

Time of Year Most Common for Accidents

As far as time of the year, August appears to win the prize for being the month with the most automobile accidents, for reasons no one can clearly define. It is possible that many families are taking their final trip of the summer before school starts for the year, and because there are more travelers on the highways, the accident risk increases.

Whether you’ve been involved in an accident in August, close to your home or far away, in a residential neighborhood or a parking lot, in Detroit or San Bernardino, or any other city in the nation, discussing the circumstances of your case with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney can determine whether you have a good case for recovery or not. An experienced attorney can protect your rights and guide you through the complexities of the legal system as well as ensuring you get the maximum settlement for your injuries.

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