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What Should You do After Being Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?

motorcycle by the water at sunset | Injured in a Motorcycle AccidentOf course the very first thing you must do following a motorcycle accident is to seek immediate medical attention. Even if you feel you are not hurt that severely, you should still see a doctor to ensure you really are okay. In many cases, after any type of auto or motorcycle accident, the adrenaline which has flooded your system is so strong you don’t realize you have been injured until much later. Neck injuries in particular, can show up hours, days or even weeks following your accident which is why it is extremely important that you be checked out after the accident.  

Motorcycle accident injuries tend to be serious, including fractures, broken bones, road rash, brain trauma and spinal cord injuries.  Once you have tended to your health, you should then seek the services of an experienced personal injury attorney who can pursue compensation for your injuries and damages. It’s important that you not talk to any insurance company until you have retained a knowledgeable attorney who will negotiate on your behalf for the best settlement possible.

How to Help Your Attorney Help You

After seeking medical attention, if there is any way possible, take photographs of the scene where your accident occurred, or have someone else take the photos. Write down everything you can remember about the accident, so you will be better able to prove fault or negligence on the part of the person who hit you. If there were any witnesses to the accident, try to get a statement from them and write down names and addresses so your attorney can speak to the witnesses. Take photos of the damages to your motorcycle as well, and remember that speaking to an insurance company prior to seeking legal counsel can significantly complicate the claims process.

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How Will a Motorcycle Attorney Help Me?

A knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney can assist you in the necessary steps which follow an accident. There may be many expenses which arise over the weeks and months following your accident which you simply could not anticipate. Your attorney has dealt with these issues time and time again, and has a better idea of your future needs than you do at this point. You may need long term therapy or rehabilitative care for months or even years following your accident.  Your medical expenses may be mounting at an alarming rate, leaving you wondering how you will ever manage to pay them. Even if you have insurance you are still responsible for a certain percentage of the expense, and if you suffered serious injury this percentage can amount to a very large sum of money.

Lost Wages and Pain and Suffering

You may have missed work for a time following your accident, or may still be unable to return to work. In fact, you may be partially or totally disabled and may never return to the job you held prior to the accident. Your attorney understands how to calculate lost wages, past, present and future in order to ensure you and your family are well taken care of. Many people who have been in a motorcycle accident, especially when it was caused by the negligence of an automobile driver, may suffer severe psychological trauma for a long time to come. The pain and suffering you are experiencing should be compensated, and a skilled personal injury attorney will make sure that happens.

Property Damages

Finally, the damages to your personal property—your motorcycle—need to be compensated for. Motorcycle attorneys are experts in ensuring their clients get all the help and the compensation they rightfully deserve in the face of a future which has been irrevocably changed.  Don’t hesitate to call a Denver personal injury attorney who can offer you the compassion you need and the legal help you deserve.

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