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Startling Video Shows Children Can be More Distracting Than Cell Phones

Startling Video Shows Children Can be More Distracting Than Cell PhonesA video taken almost a year ago is back on the Internet, and has gone viral. The video is of a mom who is driving, while taking a cell phone video of her children in the backseat. The children are cute, of course, singing and dancing and being kids. Little more than a minute into the video, the car crashes. While no one was injured in this particular crash, the mother taking the video not only put her own children’s lives in danger, she put other lives in danger as well. Seriously—is a video of your children goofing around in the back seat really worth a life?

Cell Phones and Driving—a Deadly Combination

For anyone who hasn’t yet gotten the message, cell phone use, coupled with driving, is just a bad combination all the way around. Whether talking on the phone, texting, or—as this mother was doing—videoing your children, the dangers are so overwhelming that it makes you wonder about those who continue to engage in these activities. Are you one of the guilty ones? Hopefully, most of us would not even think of trying to take pictures of the children in the back seat while driving.

Texting can be just about as dangerous—some studies have found texting to be as dangerous as drinking and driving. Even talking on your cell phone is a distraction, as your mind is on your conversation rather than the road and the drivers around you. Many states and cities are passing laws which prohibit cell phone use while driving, yet the offense is a difficult one to enforce. In some states texting or talking on a cell phone is a secondary offense, meaning the police officer must witness the driver committing another offense before being able to pull the driver over.

Other Forms of Distracted Driving

There are many forms of distracted driving, and as a multi-tasking nation, we have discovered most all of them. We eat while driving, we talk to our passengers, we turn around to see what the kids are doing in the back seat (or videotape them while they are doing it), we fiddle with the radio and we daydream as we make our daily commutes.

Driving with Children More Dangerous than Cell Phone Use?

What some may find surprising is that according to several studies, driving with children can be more distracting than cell phones; Twelve times more dangerous actually. In fact, over the course of an average, sixteen-minute trip, parents who had children in the vehicle spent a full three minutes and 22 seconds with their eyes not on the road. The most frequent type of child-related distraction while driving appeared to be the (driving) parent turning around to interact with the children, or looking in the rearview mirror at the children for extended periods of time.

The next most frequent type of child-related distraction was when the parent engaged in conversation with the child, followed by reaching in the back to give the child food or drinks, or even to play with the child. New moms appear to be the worst offenders, probably because they are often the most fatigued and stressed. A full ten percent of new moms admitted to having an accident with their baby in the car. The distractions of a baby are even worse than those of an older child or children. Mothers in particular are more likely to turn around to pick up a dropped pacifier or bottle or play music loudly in order to calm a crying baby. Don’t put your children—and other people’s children—at risk. Keep your eyes on the road and your cell phone in the glove box.

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