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Vestibular Disorder and Car Accidents
Vestibular Dysfunction Attorneys

Passenger feeling dizzy in a train travelThe vestibular system is made up of parts of the inner ear, as well as the parts of the brain that process sensory information controlling balance and eye movement. When these processing areas are damaged, vestibular dysfunction can occur. It is difficult to estimate how common vestibular dysfunction actually is, due to the difficulties associated with accurate diagnosis and reporting vestibular dysfunction. However, it is believed the disorder occurs frequently, particularly among those involved in a car accident. One study found that slightly more than a third of all adults over the age of 40 experienced some form of vestibular dysfunction. If you’re suffering from vestibular dysfunction stemming from a car accident, contact a vestibular dysfunction attorney at Fuicelli & Lee for help today.

Impaired Balance Makes Day-to-Day Activities Difficult

When balance is impaired, even normal, day-to-day activities can be impacted. Balance allows human beings to see clearly while moving, determine speed of movement and direction, maintain posture, make postural adjustments, identify orientation with respect to gravity, and maintain stability in various conditions and activities. Balance is dependent on sight, touch, motion, equilibrium and spatial orientation, as well as motor output to the body muscles and eyes. When the sensory input received from the eyes, muscles, joints and vestibular organs conflicts with one another, a person can become disoriented.

Symptoms of Vestibular Dysfunction

Symptoms of vestibular dysfunction include disturbances to vision and hearing, imbalance, disorientation, dizziness, vertigo, psychological changes and cognitive changes. The severity of the symptoms can vary considerably, and can be both hard to describe to others, as well as frightening for the person who experiences the symptoms.

Those who suffer from vestibular dysfunction can have difficulty performing routine tasks, functioning in their workplace, attending school or even getting out of bed in the mornings. Vertigo causes lightheadedness, a floating or rocking sensation, the sensation of being pulled in one direction, a spinning or whirling sensation or the illusion of movement. Balance issues can result in stumbling, difficulty walking, coordination issues, the necessity of touching or holding something while standing, sensitivity to changes in walking surfaces, muscle and joint pain and difficulty maintaining posture.

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