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How Social Media Can Destroy Your Injury Lawsuit

Smiling finger for symbol of business social networkDid you know that there are roughly 1.44 billion monthly active Facebook users in the world? Did you also know that there are 255 million monthly active Twitter users? Social media is a great place to keep in touch with friends and family and share what’s going on in your life- your new promotion, your latest vacation, and all those cute puppy pics. But did you know that sharing too much can cost you money? BIG MONEY.

If you’ve recently been in a car accident, it is in your best interest to stay away from Facebook, Twitter, even Instagram. Posting every detail of your accident online allows your friends and family to check in on you. However, social media can destroy your injury lawsuit, because it also allows the insurance company to keep tabs on you, as well. 

In fact, after you file a claim, the first thing many insurance companies do is check your social media pages for information; information they can use against you to deny or undervalue your claim. So, before you post or tweet, think first.

If you have filed an injury claim after a car accident, the best advice is to simply steer clear of social media until your claim has been settled and your attorney gives you the go-ahead to resume posting. If, however, you absolutely must post or tweet, the following are some guidelines that will keep you from jeopardizing your Longmont personal injury claim and being left with little or no compensation:

  • Consider the timeline of your social media posts. You could be at home, recovering from a broken leg or other serious injury, and looking through old photos to pass the time. Insurance companies and defendants, however, may not look at the date stamp on the picture of you skiing last winter and simply assume that you are not injured at all.
  • Make any of your social media posts succinct and factual. Avoid emotional ranting and venting. Your wording could be ambiguous, misleading, or taken out of context, and defense attorneys and insurance adjusters will look for anything to use against you.
  • Never post pictures of the damage to your vehicle or pictures of your injuries. If there are any perceived discrepancies between your claim and the actual injuries or damages, defendants will not hesitate to use them against you.
  • Don’t post excessive details about the accident, or anything that even remotely hints at admitting fault. Saying things such as, “I really wish I had gotten the car in for that tune-up last week” can make you sound like you are conceding fault.
  • Don’t post pictures of, or discuss physical activities. Patients who are recovering from traumatic car accident injuries do not need to be out bowling with friends or planting flowers on a pretty day. This kind of information will definitely be used to kill your claim.
  • Never discuss the particulars of the litigation process online. Too many details will let the insurance company know your next move. In addition, it is no one else’s business what kind of settlement you are being offered- this only invites trouble.
  • Don’t message anyone details about your case or join any online chat groups.
  • Preserve your electronic devices. Losing or destroying an electronic communication device might be viewed by the insurance company as a deliberate attempt to destroy evidence. It is far better to battle over access to your device than for a judge to instruct the jury to assume the content of the destroyed device must have been contradictory to your claim.

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