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Slip and Fall Accidents in Snowy Weather

Night winter landscape in a city | Slip and Fall Accidents in Snowy Weather

Because so many different conditions can lead to a slip and fall accident, they are among the top reasons for personal injury lawsuits. Slip and fall accidents in snowy weather are very common in winter when conditions can lead to slick walking surfaces. Stores and businesses that don’t provide dry floor mats or fail to keep melted snow mopped away can easily be held responsible for a customer’s slip and fall accident.

Commonly, slips and falls caused by winter weather happen in parking lots or on the sidewalks leading to businesses. If the area where you slipped or tripped and fell is on the property owner or property possessor’s premises, he or she could be held legally responsible for your injuries if that owner or possessor failed to take proper precautions to remedy the problem that contributed to the accident.

Some property owners may contract with snow removal companies that work to keep the snow and ice from accumulating on their parking lots and sidewalks. Still, other property owners perform these cleaning and maintenance activities themselves. Regardless of who performs the work, the property owner has a duty of care and must anticipate any dangers caused by the snow and ice and, subsequently take appropriate actions to alleviate those dangers.

Similarly, the general public has a duty to exercise reasonable care when they are walking in an area that they should reasonably expect to be snowy or icy. If reasonable caution is not exercised, the injured person’s claim and potential recovery could be reduced or eliminated altogether.

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Determining Reasonable Care and Natural Accumulation

In terms of snow and ice, what can be considered “reasonable” expected conditions and a “reasonable” removal effort can be highly subjective depending on where one lives. What might be considered reasonable in the mid-west would doubtfully be considered reasonable in the deep south.

Furthermore, some states have a “natural accumulation” rule which in many cases will relieve the property owner or possessor from liability for slips and falls caused by a natural accumulation of snow or ice. In these states, it will be more difficult to hold a property owner liable as long as he or she did not alter or interfere with the snow accumulation in any way.

Recovery for a Slip and Fall

For a slip and fall accident in snowy weather, you might be able to recover damages from the property owner or possessor as well as the company responsible for the snow and ice removal. You can potentially recover the cost of your medical expenses and lost wages if your injury caused you to miss any time at work. You might also be able to make a recovery for your pain and suffering and the other negative impacts the injury has had on your typical daily life.

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