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Motorcycle Helmet Use in the Centennial State
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Scenic vistas and seemingly endless stretches of highway attract riders to Colorado from all over the country. Unfortunately, as beautiful as the mountainous terrain is, it can be equally dangerous- especially for inexperienced riders. Safety officials say the best ways of reducing your risk of serious or life-threatening injury are to check your speed and wear a helmet.

Statistics show that 80% of all motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries or fatalities. During 2012, in Colorado alone, there were 75 rider fatalities. Department of Transportation statistics indicate that 69 percent of those motorcyclists were not wearing a helmet.

Although it requires helmets for minor riders, Colorado is one of thirty-one states that allows adult motorcycle operators to choose whether or not to wear a helmet. Until 1977 when it was repealed, Colorado had a universal helmet law in place. Tragically, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cites data indicating an increase in motorcycle fatalities in all states that repealed their helmet laws. And while many riders appreciate this freedom, they know the odds and still choose to ride without a helmet.

Do Universal Helmet Laws Really Make a Difference?

There is clear and compelling evidence indicating that universal helmet laws save money and lives. When universal helmet laws are enacted, helmet use increases significantly, and states see a sweeping decrease in motorcycle accident fatalities. In fact, the single most effective method for states to save lives and money is with a universal helmet law. Statistics show:

  • Helmets reduce risk of fatality by 37%
  • Helmets reduce risk of head trauma by 69%
  • Helmet use saved the U.S. $3 billion in 2010- an additional $1.4 billion could have been saved if every motorcyclist wore a helmet
  • Consumer Reports states that helmet use averages about 50 percent in states without a compulsory helmet law.

And contrary to popular belief, a properly fitting helmet will not reduce a rider’s visibility or impair hearing.

Instituting compulsory helmet laws has consistently proven to increase the frequency of helmet use while decreasing motorcycle injuries and deaths. Despite these facts, some riders still choose to not wear a helmet. Still, there are other motorcyclists who always wear their helmet, citing crash risks, weather conditions, and flying road debris as sound reasons for strapping on the head gear.

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