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Man Killed in Longmont Construction Site Accident

work accident on Longmont Construction Site AccidentA 39-year-old worker died in a Longmont construction site accident in August. Federal safety inspectors were called to investigate the scene where Tereso Zamarippa-Hernandez of Aurora fell to his death after stepping through a plywood covered hole.

Law enforcement does not suspect any criminal behavior. However, OSHA and other federal safety inspectors will investigate the Village at the Peaks worksite on 95th Street.

Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites are hubs of activity, filled with many different types of workers, trucks and machines. On a typical jobsite, workers can be exposed to any number of dangerous situations, and despite industry safety measures, injuries are still common.

In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that construction workers suffer the most workplace injuries of any occupation, and sadly, many of those accidents are deadly.

In reference to construction accidents, OSHA identifies the “Big Four.” The following are the four most deadly hazards resulting in injuries at construction sites:

  1. Being struck by an object. Those individuals in and around construction areas face hazards from falling or swinging objects, and objects propelled from equipment. For instance, a worker on scaffolding could drop a hammer and strike another person, someone could be injured by materials at the end of a crane, or a malfunctioning nail gun could shoot a nail into another worker.
  2. It’s not unusual for construction workers to use ladders and scaffolding, operate cranes, or even work on rooftops. Anytime a person is working from heights, there is an increased risk of injury or death from falling.
  3. These type of accidents often result in amputation or death because the victim can be crushed or suffocated. Workers can become trapped between two large pieces of building materials, or a wall and a piece of heavy construction equipment. Workers can also become trapped in trenches or holes that collapse.
  4. Construction sites often have unfinished or ungrounded electrical systems which result in a large number of deadly accidental electrocutions every year.

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Workers, however, are not the only people vulnerable to injury near construction sites. It is the responsibility of the construction company to post signs, barriers and warning lamps, and to keep public sidewalks near its construction site reasonably free of debris, to prevent injury to pedestrians. If a person becomes injured after falling over construction debris left by a construction company on a city sidewalk, or from falling objects that exceed warning barriers, the company may be liable for pedestrian injuries as well.

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