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Keith Fuicelli Named to America’s Top 100 Attorneys

Keith Fuicelli Named to America’s Top 100 Attorneys

Keith Fuicelli Named to America’s Top 100 AttorneysFuicelli & Lee, P.C. is proud to announce the addition of Keith Fuicelli to America’s Top 100 Attorneys.

Keith Fuicelli worked as an attorney with one of the biggest personal injury firms and one of the biggest insurance defense firms prior to forming Fuicelli & Lee, P.C. Keith has previously worked as a District Attorney in Jefferson County, Colorado before working with the Crimes Against Children Unit.

Keith has extensive criminal and civil litigation experience, participating in numerous evidentiary hearings, arguing before the Court of Appeals multiple times, and conducting over 75 trials.

Through personal experience, Keith is able to bring a special level of compassion to his work. He was hit by a car while jogging in May 2007, incurring injuries that left him hospitalized for two months.

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His arduous journey to recovery has given him empathy for his clients. He understands, first-hand, what it is like to come so close to losing your ability to provide for your family and do what you love doing. Keith’s professional and personal experience make him uniquely qualified in the courtroom, and most deserving of this most recent honor.

America’s top 100 Attorneys list is compiled to identify attorneys across all areas of practice who exemplify the highest level of skill and professionalism. Only 100 attorneys in each state can be honored with this esteemed award. The award identifies and celebrates the accomplishments of the finest attorneys across the country.

In an attempt to fairly and most objectively identify these superior attorneys, a comprehensive and multi-tiered selection process has been developed. The process involves Qualitative Comparative Analysis and propriety algorithms to guarantee the most deserving attorneys are selected for this prestigious award.

Initially, candidates are recognized through peer nominations by other outstanding attorneys or third-party research. Once recognized, the candidate is subjected to the multi-tier screening process and third-party research.

The algorithms analyze myriad information and criteria for each candidate, including the candidate’s lifetime legal accomplishments and experience, important case outcomes or verdicts, client satisfaction, and his or her reputation among peers. The impact the candidate has had on the community, notable awards and honors, or notoriety among the press are all considered as well as other proprietary factors.

To be selected to the list of America’s Top 100 Attorneys, a candidate must clear the stringent multi-tiered screening process. To maintain the standards and integrity of the coveted honor, candidates cannot buy their way onto the list. All honorees must meet the benchmarks that have been established by displaying the most honorable ideals and standards of the legal profession.

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