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Elements of a Claim
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justice scaleIn any personal injury action, three items must be established, Damages, Injury Causation, and Liability.

Ultimately, it is the interplay of all three areas that determine the “value” of a personal injury claim. If you have any questions or are unsure if you have a valid claim, please contact us today. The attorneys at Fuicelli & Lee are experts in handling personal injury claims and are here to help!

Click on the links below to find more information on these three items.


Jul 14th

How Lane Assist Technology is Preventing Auto Accidents

by lawfather, Blog, Colorado Car Accident Attoneys

How Lane Assist Technology is Preventing Auto Accidents Auto accidents take the lives of thousands …  

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Jul 6th

Personal Injury Attorney Amanda Francis Lectures at AAJ Depositions College

by lawfather, Amanda Francis, American Association for Justice, Blog

Denver personal injury attorney, Amanda Francis, recently lectured at the AAJ Education’s D…  

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Jun 30th

The Long-Term Complications of a Mild TBI

by lawfather, Blog, Brain Injury, Denver TBI Attorneys

Mild traumatic brain injuries are not often talked about. These concussion type of injuries are ofte…  

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