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Colorado Teen Injured When Vape Pen Explodes

Advanced personal vaporizer or e-cigarette | Colorado Teen Injured When Vape Pen ExplodesA Castle Rock teen suffered serious burns after the battery for his vape pen exploded in his pocket.

17-year old Marcus Forzani, the Colorado teen injured by the vape pen, sustained second and third-degree burns to his leg when the vaporizer battery exploded. He and his parents are strongly urging others to leave the vape pens alone and not take chances on suffering similar injuries.

Marcus, who also suffered serious burns to his hand, is covered in bandages and is recovering at the Burn and Reconstruction Center of Colorado at Swedish Medical Center. The full thickness burn injuries, which cover the left side of his thigh to about midway down his calf, are painful and disheartening, although he tries to remain positive about the situation.

Marcus was attempting to leave his classroom when the battery ignited in his pants pocket, charring and blistering his leg. The teen likened the fiery scene to someone “welding in his pocket.”

Swedish Medical Center plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Tanya Oswald says that Marcus is not the only victim of such devastating injuries. She says that over the past six months the Burn and Reconstruction Center has seen a significant increase in the volume of burn and dramatic injury patients sent to the unit when their e-cigarettes and battery-operated vape pens malfunction.

Marcus wants others, especially teens, to be made aware of the potential time bombs they may be carrying in their pockets. He has since thrown his vape pen away and encourages others to do the same before suffering the same fate.

The teen has undergone the first of at least three surgeries that will necessary to treat his leg. He also faces scar management and physical therapy.

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Marcus is not alone. Since December 2015, the University of Colorado Hospital Burn Center has witnessed similar e-cigarette-related injuries on four patients.

After spending 10 days in a Colorado Springs hospital, Cordero Caples is recovering at home after he sustained facial fractures, shattered teeth, burns to his mouth, and a broken neck when his e-cigarette exploded in his face.

Nineteen-year old Alexander Shonkwiler is recovering at his mother’s Colorado Springs home after suffering burns from an e-cigarette battery. The extensive burns to his right leg required skin grafts.

According to the U.S Fire Administration, twenty-five incidents of e-cigarette explosion and fire were recorded between 2009 and 2014 in the United States. No deaths, but multiple injuries have been reported.

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