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Choosing a Longmont Car Accident Attorney

longmont co car accident attorney Jess Cash

Longmont Car Accident Attorney Jess Cash

Finding an attorney after a car accident is easy. Finding the right car accident attorney after your car accident is not. If you have a solid case- one that is easy to win- you will have many attorneys willing to assist you. You need to know how to sort through all of them and choose the professional who will best serve your needs.

Ultimately, this means you’ll want to hire a reputable attorney in Longmont with an excellent track record of winning cases. Start by asking friends, co-workers, and acquaintances for referrals. Pick a few from those referrals who really stand out to you and schedule initial consultations with them.

Before You Meet With Our Longmont Car Accident Attorneys

Prior to your appointment, jot down some notes about your accident and collect all documents significant to your case. Copies of medical records, police reports, and insurance policies are all pertinent information that you should bring with you. If you have eyewitness information or pictures of the accident scene or damage, be sure to bring those along as well.

At Your FREE Case Consultation

Once your meeting begins, if you don’t feel at ease with the attorney, it is probably a sign the two of you will not have a good working relationship. However, if you feel comfortable, ask several questions and be prepared to take some notes:

  • How long has he/she been practicing?
  • What is the extent of their experience with car accident cases?
  • In what manner will the attorney handle your case?
  • What level of involvement will be required of you?
  • In what manner will the attorney keep you abreast of progress with the case?
  • Will the attorney be available to field your concerns and answer your questions as they arise?
  • Will you be provided with the details of the billing schedule, including all fees, expenses, and payments?

Making the Final Decision

After sitting down face-to-face with a couple of car accident attorneys, you will be better equipped to decide which one to hire. Once you have met with several lawyers, consult your notes if need be and ask yourself who made you feel most at-ease. Which ones used legal jargon, and which one spoke in terms that helped you understand the litigation process? Who had the most experience and success handling car accident claims? Do you understand the proposed fee arrangement?

The answers to these questions will help you make your decision.

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million-dollar-advocatesSelecting an attorney to handle your car accident claim is not something you should take lightly. And we don’t either. At Fuicelli & Lee, our attorneys have the credentials and experience to handle your car accident case, and a solid track record to prove it. We will give your case the individual attention it needs and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Contact our office to schedule a no-obligation case evaluation and let us go to work for you.

If you have suffered injuries in a car accident in Longmont or elsewhere in the state of Colorado, it is important that you contact an experienced and qualified Longmont car accident attorney immediately.

For a free initial consultation with Fuicelli & Lee, PC, send us an e-mail or call (720) 494-0444. You pay nothing unless you receive a financial settlement or award. It is simply the mission of every Longmont auto accident attorney on the Fuicelli & Lee team to provide the best service possible.


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