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Childcare Negligence

children and car accident attorneys denverWhen entrusting the well-being of your child to others, you expect a high level of safety, care, and supervision. Unfortunately, not all childcare providers meet these expectations and their negligence could be harmful to your child. When this happens, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim against the negligent and irresponsible childcare provider.

Caregiver Negligence

While gathering information regarding your claim, keep in mind you will need to prove that the childcare provider accepted responsibility for caring for your child, that they failed to properly monitor your child and as a direct result, your child suffered injury, and that the situation and injury was avoidable and foreseeable.

Conditions When Caregiver Negligence May Apply

A caregiver might be found negligent if:

  • The caregiver doesn’t follow the appropriate adult to child ratio and has too many children to supervise
  • The childcare provider does not provide the appropriate amount of supervision while in situations that require greater attention, such as near a pool
  • The caregiver does not control a situation correctly and consequently a child hurts another child
Possible Consequences

The consequences of a negligent caregiver can be devastating. Children have been known to suffer from injuries such as, heatstroke, gunshot wounds, poisoning, brain injuries, skull fractures, and drowning.

There are many situations in which a child could be hurt.  The main question is if that situation and injury was avoidable. In a claim, it is crucial that you are able to prove your child’s injury was a direct result of the caregivers’ negligence to supervise and control the situation as needed. An example would be, if a young child is left to play outside alone and falls into a pool and drowns. That is an avoidable and foreseeable situation and a caregiver would be—and should be—held responsible.

Where Childcare Negligence Can Happen

Numerous types of caregivers can be found negligent, including, but not limited to:

  • Daycare Facilities
  • In home day care
  • Gyms
  • Teachers
  • Camp counselors
  • Parents
  • Foster parents

If your child has been injured due to negligent caregiving, and you believe you have a right to file a claim, contact a personal injury attorney promptly. A Denver personal injury attorney will explain all of your options and help you build your case.

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