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scared man shoutingEvery one of us will die someday – and while we all know that, we just don’t know it will happen. As such, many of us spend a lot of time worrying about the dangers that lurk behind every corner. We may worry about being kidnaped or contracting a flesh-eating bacterium. We may worry about food poisoning or even being attacked by a shark! Everyone also has their own fears- rational or not- yet, are those fears really necessary? Are we really worrying about the right things? The truth just might surprise you.

The National Safety Council (NSC) has compiled its annual ‘Odds of Dying’ list. The list is calculated from data collected from the entire United States population and gives statistical averages of an American’s odds of dying from various causes.

The Council says that most Americans worry about the wrong things. The NSC asserts that understanding the real odds of dying certain ways can help people make better choices, thus living healthier, more fulfilling lives.

What About the Fear of Flying?

Many people are terrified of flying. We’ve all seen the horrific photos splashed across the evening news of the smoking shrapnel of a passenger airliner. And we listen to the staggering death toll, feasibly reaching one hundred or more. While events such as these are truly tragic, the truth is many more Americans die every year in traffic accidents than airplane crashes.

Because traffic accidents typically make headlines on a local or regional level, these tragedies don’t have the same media impact. However, Americans have a 1 in 112 chance of dying in a car accident, while only one out of every 96,566 Americans will die in a plane crash- statistically making flying a much safer way to travel.

What About Natural Disasters?

Many Americans are worried about dying in a large-scale, catastrophic storm, such as a tornado or hurricane. Yet, according to the NSC report, only one out of 6,780 Americans will suffer this fate.

Earthquakes are another scary natural disaster, and with box office hits like ‘San Andreas’ planting the seeds of fear, some folks undoubtedly let their imaginations get the best of them. The truth is, Americans should worry about other things, because only 1 out of 179,965 of us will be gobbled up by the earth. A far scarier statistical fact is that 1 out of every 234 Americans will die from a prescription opioid drug overdose.

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Seemingly, simple falls are another common killer of Americans, with the chances of striking down one out of every 144 of us. In fact, falls have become the number one killer of Americans over the age of 65, with the rate nearly doubling since 2000.

While it’s the headline-grabbing catastrophes that keep must of us up at night, statistically, it’s the things that we do every day that put us at the greatest risk- driving, walking around town, or seeking medical care. Armed with this knowledge, the NCS hopes Americans will make more responsible choices to help them steer clear of avoidable accidents.

So what should you really be worried about?

Americans should be more worried about dying from heart disease than from a venomous spider bite. One in 388 people will die of heart disease, compared to 1 in 54 million that will die from a venomous spider bite or snake bite.

You should also be more concerned with dying from diabetes than from a domestic hijacking. One in 4,000 people die from diabetes each year compared to one in 16 million that are victims of domestic hijacking.

Odds of Dying:

  • Heart Disease – 1 in 388
  • Cancer – 1 in 499
  • Unintentional injuries – 1 in 2,228
  • Diabetes – 1 in 4,009
  • Motor vehicle accident – 1 in 6,585
  • Gun shot – 1 in 8,802
  • Narcotic drugs – 1 in 34,843
  • Falling objects – 1 in 373,787
  • Electrocution – 1 in 493,153
  • Airplane crash – 1 in 659,779
  • Alcohol – 1 in 811,102
  • Lightning strike – 1 in 3,106,880
  • Dog bite – 1 in 15,966,734
  • Domestic hijacking – 1 in 16,817,784
  • Venomous snakes or spiders – 1 in 54,049,600

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