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Complications Abound After a Multi-Vehicle Accident

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If you’ve ever had to deal with an insurance company after an accident with another automobile, you know it can be a complicated, and frustrating experience. Just imaging how frustrating it can get after a multi-vehicle accident.

Any car crash involving more than two vehicles is known as a multi-vehicle accident. We’ve all heard of multi-car pile-ups on the freeway which can involve literally dozens of cars, drivers and passengers. Such accidents usually involve high rates of speed, therefore serious injuries are likely. Multi-car accidents are frequent in inclement weather situations such as dense fog or other low-visibility situations. These situations can lead to one car crashing into the car ahead, then another car and yet another are added to the wreck. Sometimes multi-car accidents happen on rural, winding roads, as those coming around a corner are unaware of the accident ahead, and become a part of the collision.

In any of these situations, the vehicles coming onto an accident unexpectedly may veer or skid into other lanes or even oncoming traffic, making the accident much worse than a simple rear-end bump in. Over a year ago a multi-vehicle crash occurred on I-60 in Missouri that actually began with a farmer burning trash. The field caught on fire, the smoke from the fire drifted onto the roadway causing several cars to collide, and the cars were subsequently hit by an 18-wheeler. Needless to say, the results of this particular crash were very grim with many injuries, some of which required air-lifting victims to the nearest hospital.

Who’s Responsible?

It can be very difficult to determine the initial cause of a multi-vehicle accident, especially if the crash leads to a fire. When so many cars are in close proximity, a fire in one vehicle can spread quickly to other vehicles, turning a serious collision into a devastating catastrophe. Multi-vehicle crashes can make it very difficult for emergency vehicles to reach the injured passengers and evacuation can be problematic.

It is especially important, following a multiple-car accident, to seek the legal services of a highly trained personal injury attorney who can ensure that an accident investigator is employed to determine the party at fault. There may be more than one individual who is deemed to be responsible for causing the multi-car accident. This means your claim for damage compensation can become extremely complex, as you will be dealing with more than one insurance company, none of which are willing to admit their insured was responsible.

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Injuries to Victims of a Multi-Car Pileup

The survivors of a multi-car accident are likely to sustain extensive injuries, especially when the accident occurred at high speeds on a freeway. Even those who were not significantly injured following the first impact, may receive subsequent injuries from each new car added to the pile-up. Other times a person will exit their vehicle relatively unhurt, only to be struck by another car swerving to miss the collision. Firefighters, police personnel and paramedics can be truly overwhelmed by the sheer number of injured people in such an accident. Just as with any auto accident, there may be fractures, head injuries, spinal cord and neck injuries and internal injuries resulting from the multi-car accident.

Getting Legal Help

Because evidence in a multi-car pileup can be difficult to obtain, and can disappear quickly as the collision is cleaned up and time passes, it is critical that you seek knowledgeable legal representation to have your case evaluated as soon as possible. You need a personal injury attorney who will advocate aggressively on your behalf for the compensation you deserve and need for your medical expenses, lost wages, damages and psychological pain and suffering. You deserve an attorney who will use his or her training and expertise to your advantage in order to actively pursue all legal options available.

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